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Q Video by Destroying the Illusion March 21 2018

#DestroyingTheIllusion QAnon Analysis – April 7th

By Destroying the Illusion

Austin Bomber Identified As 24-Year-Old Mark Anthony Conditt – http://bit.ly/2HPoUgb Redpilled: The Storm – The Opposition w/ Jordan Klepper (QAnon hit piece) – http://bit.ly/2FVWz7q Facebook COO Sherly Sandberg/John Podesta email #1 – http://bit.ly/2GN6cX3 Sandberg/Podesta email #2 – http://bit.ly/2DKibl9
Lobbyist almost killed by man he hired to help him investigate Seth Rich murder – http://washex.am/2GU4IKZ
Learn About Senior Executive Service (SES) – http://bit.ly/2DIsXIL
@intheMatrixxx Twitter thread on SES – http://bit.ly/2ptWtOa . .

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C-Vine News Network Contribtor's Corner

Providing  Q – Tips  so you can clearly hear (and see) what the heck is really going on in the United States!

Mother of five wonderful children, entrepreneur of four different businesses, and too many other interests to mention here!

“Life is a great big canvas, and you should throw all the paint on it you can”   ~ Danny Kaye

None of this information provided is created by me….. I am just the humble messenger.  I will provide the appropriate credit whenever I am able and whenever it is known.   If anyone knows who is the creator of the information above, and provides it to me, I will be more than happy to edit my information.  (:

Email me:  Judie@911CASPER.com

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