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Joe M Presents – New Q Anon Video – 6.30.18

A Story About How America Was Almost Destroyed By Criminals

By Joe M
 This is a story about how America was almost destroyed by criminals. Based loosely on the work by @Imperator_Rex3 https://twitter.com/Imperator_Rex3 Note: there was a small mistake detected in one of the email references, and a fixed video was uploaded. Please see here for correct version. https://youtu.be/Iw1yuv1OY6U
1. Let me tell you a story about how America was almost destroyed by criminals.
2. It one that should shock anyone who reads it, but like any good thriller, it has a happy ending.
3. This story is fully researched and has no affiliation with any political party, religion or ideology – nor does it need it.
4. May 4th, 2016.
5. TV Billionaire Donald J Trump, against all the odds, wins the unofficial nomination as Republican candidate for the Presidential election. http://www.cnn.com/2016/05/03/politic…
6. Even happier at the news than Trump himself was none other than the Democratic National Committee and their candidate, Hillary Rodham Clinton.
7. Their so called ‘Pied Piper’ strategy had worked. https://www.salon.com/2016/11/09/the-…
8. Clinton announced her candidacy on April 12, 2015 & became the presumptive Democratic nominee on June 7, 2016. https://www.politico.com/story/2016/0…
9. From the moment she announced, Clinton & her team set themselves 2 objectives.
10. 1 – destroy Bernie Sanders. http://www.newsweek.com/clinton-robbe…
11. 2 – weaken strong Republican rivals, strengthen weak ones.
12. The DNC, Clinton & their media proxies worked together to achieve both.
13. And it worked : the Sanders campaign was destroyed & the Republicans nominated Trump.
Now is the time to heal.
If you have fallen out with someone over the past few years over political differences, or if you have pushed away someone close to you because of their opinions, now is the time to realize that it wasn’t their fault, and they were tricked.
Don’t school them anymore, just love so we can start to heal.
FOOTNOTE:   If the video that was used in this Post is missing…. it means that ONE MORE OF YOUR RIGHTS…(In this case the 1st Amendment) of FREEDOM OF SPEECH, WAS JUST TAKEN FROM YOU!!!    The Cabal/Deep State et.al. are methodically trying to BLOCK the TRUTH from being shared.    We are in a fight for America!  This has NOTHING to do with being Republican or Democrat…..    It is OUR LAST CHANCE to “Make America Great Again”~ MAGA!

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