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GTMO/Silent Running Part 2 ~ Saudi Arabia’s Role in 911 & WHY U.S. Government Kept it Hidden

January 15, 2022

Jim Kreindler, the attorney representing the victims and family members of 9/11, released explosive evidence two years ago, in a 90 minute video (October 28, 2019).

Unfortunately many are not aware of the contents, as this information was either drowned out by censorship or diversionary fake news that was sensationalized.

Jim Kreindler doesn’t pull any punches. In fact he displays evidence of corruption or treason for previous American Presidents, Bob Mueller, certain members of the FBI, CIA and others.

Jim speaks straight out, about this evidence and facts that are too enormous to ignore. He gives the how and the why.

The original 90 minute video was created after acting Attorney General Barr (at the time), refused to release the names of top Saudi Officials who allegedly were the true orchestrators of 9/11. Barr did release the names UNDER SEAL to Jim Kreindler as the legal representative to the victims and family members, the Defense Council to KSM et al, and the legal counsel to the Saudi Government.

In other words, it could not be made public.

These Saudi officials remain absent at GTMO.


Keep in mind… the revelations of original orchestrators from high ranking Saudi Officials, would set off a domino effect in revealing governments of the world in an earth shattering transparency.

Shouldn’t we at least know why nothing is being done? Including why KSM et al remains in pre-trial phase at GTMO? Why there STILL isn’t any justice after over 20 years since September 11, 2001?

The main information coming from this report is being reported from the attorney representing the victims and family members of 9/11.

WE ALL… are the victims and family members of 9/11.

It is We the People who are making headway above and beyond what is being tried in the PRE-TRIALS coming from GTMO.

This explosive and PROVEN information is making its way through lawsuits coming from We the People that is NOT coming out in the Open Court trials from GTMO.

C-VINE is playing clips of these earth shattering revelations today from Jim Kreindler included with some of our own commentary in Part II of our GTMO ~ Silent Running.

NOTE: You may view the original and full length Jim Kreindler video here: https://youtu.be/6nnz0YRy6So

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