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      Feel free to fact check! You will find this is accurate:

      BAR = British Accreditation Registry
      Where is the Temple BAR located? (City State of London) – Like Vatican (separate from United Kingdom)
      What is the City of London famous for? (Rothschild Banking)

      Therefore “Law” in the world is monopolized by Law makers, Judges, and Attorneys who all hold allegiance to a Banking Mafia and are foreign agents. Think of the Law Society as the BAR Mafia.

      There are three domains of “Law”:
      1. Creators Law – Gravity, electromagnetism, life / death, male / female, etc
      2. Common Law – Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Do no harm. etc
      3. Colorable Law – man made codes, acts, and statutes are all Fictional (look up Colorable Law)

      This will be harder to fact check but the reason Judges where Black Robes is because their “God” is Satan (Baal, Marduke. Judges are Black magicians casting spells with words like “Person” (look it up).

      Persons includes CORPORATIONS and human beings:
      1. can you shake hands with a corporation? (No)
      2. Can you have a conversation with a corporation? (No)
      3. Can you check the heart rate with a corroboration? (No)

      A corporation is a fiction in your mind and on paper, but the Civil Legal System makes you and me equal to a none existent “Person”. Why? Because a corporation is a slave of the Legal System, and so are you and I when seen as Persons. The Legal system has replaced the word Slave with the word Person.

      The Declaration of Independence was written for “men” (including women) and “people”, not “Citizens” and “Persons” as amended by the 14th Amendment. The 14th Amendment made you and me “Persons” (Slaves) in the eyes of the Constitution (UNITED STATES OF AMERICA / UNITED STATES) and the Legal System.

      The word “united” is an Addictive until it is capitalized, then it becomes a noun “UNITED” it is part of a name of a corporation. STATE OF ARIZONA was incorporated in 1877, but Arizona did not join the Union until 1912.

      Judges are Foreign Agents Occupying America and hiring Police (Corporate Policy Officers) as Mercenaries to enforce company policy (Slavery / Personage).

      You and I are slaves (persons) until we see the deception and refuse to cooperate.

      “I got a great education, it took me years to get rid of it.” – Tony de Mello

      “We have been deceived, we are deceived; we are deceiving each other. – Thinker2

      Govern-ment = Govern-mentis (Latin) = Govern-(mind, thought, thinking, belief) = Mind-control

      I don’t like the term “Jury Nullification” because it suggests the Jury is nullified; I prefer the term “Statute Nullification” because it is the Statute which is nullified.

      Peace, love, and blessings,


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