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      April 28, 2020 C-VINE Fully Vetted for accuracy BEWARE!  The brutality of the Chinese Communist Government is beyond our wildest nightmares.  Please b
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      At the moment what is going on is a merging of the UN’s Agenda 21 and the UN’s Agenda 2030 ….China is not the only player but is a big player…the other players include all Communist nations such as Cuba, Venezuela etc…but it isn’t just Communists for they are allied with the Muslim Brotherhood and Iran’s Hazbollah and who knows how many other terrorist groups….I have read that even the Catholic Church is currently allied with the Islamists…it is the Pope and has been reported by others in the church as being not in keeping with the religion….Agenda 21 seeks to destroy all symbols of US and all countries in the world who are not Communist or Islamist…..whether it be churches, synagogues, etc but it also goes after all symbols of a nation’s culture …when it first began it destroyed the Buddha, when it came to the USA some of our statues were destroyed but it is only recently since the riots that Agenda 21 has kicked up because it must be completed by the year 2021….so they are going after our monuments now in a big way….after 2021 and even now they are going after the destruction of our land rights, our water rights, our homes, our property so that only as planned large corporations can farm the land and grow food…that means that only food such as Monsanto will exist….bad food….at the moment China owns our largest meat distribution place which is why some are experiencing meat shortages…the goal of agenda 2030 is to exterminate most of our people, via homelessness , starvation etc….oh I left out vaccines made by Bill Gates…..and by the time Agenda 2050 is here there should only be a few people left and they will all be moved into overcrowded cities in tiny apartments or tiny rooms because they feel they will not need humans any longer…they have robots etc to do their work.

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