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C-VINE Business Group on Facebook is the “Community Voice” aspect of the C-VINE acronym.  We felt it was important that you have the ability to speak directly with the teachers here, have them answer your question, and also get to know others in your community with the same interests.

C-VINE Business Group on Facebook is connected with all of the teachers and readers of the other C-VINE Business Channels. They are 1) Millionaire Incubator, 2) Influencer Marketing, 3) Internet of Things, 4) Leadership.

We actively seek out the most qualified, credentialed and enjoyable teachers with experience to learn from in each subject.

C-VINE Business Group is a private group page. We are careful who we allow in and ban individuals without mercy if they are trolls or trouble makers.

NO ONE does any selling! Not the teachers to you, or you to each other.  We are here to learn, have our questions answered and develop friendships.

We gladly let you know that each of our teachers have their own business and you are welcome to connect with them to find out if they do have products or services that interest you. In fact we encourage it and provide websites plus information to help you connect privately… BUT OFF THE C-VINE NETWORK.

The C-VINE Business Group on Facebook has up to the minute business news on new ways to increase business, traditional business education, keeping abreast of the ever evolving marketing and social media changes and interesting methods others have used to become successful.

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