The existence of C-VINE is for WE THE PEOPLE of America and made BY "We the People." It is by and for those who love our country, believe and follow the traditional Constitution of the U.S., follow and implement the rule of law and support our duly elected President. Most importantly, made for those who KNOW we have the right to Freedom of Speech UNCENSORED, which includes the Freedom of the Press.

Website Refocus as of 1/1/2023

C-VINE has decided to laser our focus on reporting and providing editorial analysis on everything having to do with the terrorist attacks that happened on September 11, 2001.

Our teams of volunteers, each have a specific area of expertise they will provide content, research, forensic analysis, services and commentary on. All are credentialed or have years of proven experience.

These include architects, engineers, university professors, pilots, firemen, police officers, attorneys, doctors, nurses, clergy, licensed investigators, citizen journalists, technical support, victims, and family members of 911 and many more.

As a side note, we also work closely in an unofficial capacity with the Office of Military Commissions who assist us with fact checking and content reporting on the KSM et al 911 Proceedings happening at GTMO. (KSM = Khalid Sheikh Mohammed).

When Open Proceedings are in session, we send volunteers to a special room provided on Fort Meade where the GTMO pre-trials can be viewed LIVE, via CCTV.

C-VINE is formed as an Irrevocable Charitable Trust (C-VINE International Foundation Charitable Trust) that is run by Volunteer Trustees and a Protector of the Trust.

It was not formed to be a business venture, but a grass roots project for We the People to work together in research for the truth and have lively discussions on various social media.

This grass roots wave of love for our country has amazingly spread globally, as demonstrated from our many international members who recognize the same problems we have here...

We are the voice of the people, and CLAIM our RIGHT to that voice.

September 11, 2001 is a day in history we will NEVER FORGET, and there are a multitude of questions that remain unanswered and official narratives to be searched out.

Our search for the truth about this fateful day in history, is our ultimate goal.

NOTE: There is ZERO paid advertising anywhere on any content. Content is not provided to manipulate purchases of products or services. We do although, provide contact information of our teachers should you decide to visit their personal websites off of the C-VINE Platform.

We encourage interactions, feedback and suggestions. We hope the C-VINE website will bless you as much as it has us all in the research and creation of it.

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~~~ Linda Forsythe/Founder

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