C-VINE is an acronym that stands for:

Community-Voices * Investigations * NEWS * Education.

C-VINE utilizes multimedia to implement NEWS, EDUCATION & DISCUSSION PLATFORMS on a variety of social media, television, radio, YouTube, on-line magazines/books AND our own C-VINE website. 

We are here to give the community an uncensored voice, publish reliable news on specific topics and educate the public. We the People Are the News Now!

The "COMMUNITY VOICES", section of the C-VINE acronym has provided a multitude of ways for the public to interact and have a voice:

  • Varied Group Facebook Accounts (the public can join if they wish to interact directly with News Journalists AND Teachers including View or Listen to LIVE seminars)
  • YouTube Channel
  • Twitter Account.


NOTE: Be aware you must be accepted as a member in order to interact on our Forum AND everyone is closely monitored for abusive or troll activity.  We ENCOURAGE debate, opinion and discussion. C-VINE NEWS or EDUCATION stories are connected directly to our website FORUM for your UNCENSORED interaction. Zero disrespect is tolerated.  We are all here to learn in a safe, peaceful environment.

The "INVESTIGATION" section of the C-VINE acronym was created to give pertinent and reliable information from respected sources about the subject matter being presented. We have a VOLUNTEER TEAM of Licensed Private Investigators, Teachers, Consultants, Retired Police, Military, Everyday People, and Attorneys who donate their time to make certain news stories AND educational content is correct and truthful.

The "EDUCATION" section is a virtual on-line classroom provided inside multi-media, for a series of education material. All content is provided from proven and credible sources that can be easily "fact checked" by the public.  Any articles, blogs, radio or videos chosen to be posted on these pages are created and carefully vetted by our C-VINE volunteers.

Click here to view the Education Platform: Education Classrooms and Media Channels.

NOTE: There is ZERO advertising anywhere on any content. Content is not provided to manipulate purchases of products or services.  We do although, provide contact information of our teachers should you decide to visit their personal websites off of the C-VINE Platform.

We encourage interactions, feedback and suggestions. We hope these channels will bless you as much as it has us in all the research and creation of it.


Linda Forsythe: is the FOUNDER and architect of C-VINE Network. She created this public service platform because of the critical necessity for vetted information that could be "fact checked' by the recipient to prove voracity.  There was no better way to do thIs, than have the citizen volunteers of the world be in charge of vetting the news and educational content, while always providing, "SOURCE"... 

Linda created a multi-media platform and systematized the integration of News Releases, Volunteers, Social Media Groups,  and Educational Channels so "We the People" could received trusted but uncensored information.

C-VINE International is placed in a Charitable Trust to be run by the public and officials elected for administration. Supported by donations, volunteers and revenue made from renting space on the educational channels. Zero advertising is allowed.

Historically, Linda was a retired nurse.

Click Here for Linda's Facebook Page.

Leonard Bacani: C-VINE News Commentator and Investigator. Leonard is a retired Police Officer from the Santa Ana Police Department.  He is also currently the CEO of Homeland Security Services, Inc., Private InvestigationPrivate Security and a State authorized Training Organization for the CA Bureau of Security and Investigative Services. Leonard founded the company 18 years ago. Leonard holds a Private Investigators License , a Private Security Agency License (PPO) and is a Firearms and Baton Training Instructor. Leonard has been an Investigative Journalist for C-VINE News for the past two years. Click here for Leonard’s Facebook page.


Valli Dawn Hart: C-VINE News Reporter and Commentator - Patriot, mother of 5, Majored in Journalism from College of San Mateo, California, 2 years, Bachelor's Degree from Southwest Missouri University, GPA 4.0. 

Entertainment, Business & Film Reporter Award-Winning Marketing Expert, Direct Response Expert. Winner of Best Writer of the Year. Best TV Commercial of the Year


John Eric Larson: Photographer - John prefers to be called by his middle name Eric and is a commercial photographer in the San Diego area.

His work has been featured  www.FStoppers.comwww.TheDrive.com and local print publications such as Carlsbad Lifestyle magazine. He currently serves as the staff photographer at Fighter Pilot Podcast ( http://www.fighterpilotpodcast.com ) His website can be found at www.SanDiegoBusinessPhotography.com

After earning a BS in Aerospace Engineering at San Diego State University he served as a Surface Warfare Officer in the US Navy where he specialized in Information Systems Security and Computer Network Vulnerability Assessments.
After hours Eric's photographic pursuits have included a wide variety of challenging photographic interests such as astrophotography, Ironman competitions and military aircraft transiting Death Valley National Park at low-altitude and high-speed.

Connie Stringfellow - News Commentator and Blogger on C-VINE News, Riverside County, Attorney specializing in Criminal Law and Investigations

Marci Smith - CVINE Director of Group Administrators and Moderators

Bonnie NirgudeC-VINE Administrator to Community Voices Facebook Group.

Fauna Kness - C-VINE Group Moderator on Community Voices Facebook Group.

Bryan Caron - Media Art Director AND Graphic Design.

Gregory Kelly - Internet Technology, Coding and Webmaster.


The C-VINE News Network Volunteers

**The information presented on this site is for educational purposes only.**

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        C-VINE is an acronym that stands for: Community-Voices * Investigations * NEWS * Education. C-VINE utilizes multimedia to implement NEWS, EDUCA
      [See the full post at: ABOUT US]

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