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Sheriff Chad States He Would Have Thrown Maxine in the Slammer, if She Stirred up Riots In His Town

May 11, 2021

“If I ever catch Maxine Waters inciting riots or intimidating citizens here in Riverside County, (the way she did in Minneapolis)… I will not hesitate to throw handcuffs onto her”.

Sheriff Chad Bianco is making a HUGE difference in California because he is not afraid to stand up for the Constitutional Rights of our U.S. Citizens and has courageously done so since he was elected into office.

In fact, his actions and attitude have rubbed off on a number of Sheriffs around America. Chad Bianco has much to say today and boldly announces he will not be bullied into bad behavior or told to stand down by corrupt politicians.

He is here to protect the rights and safety of the citizen,… just like everyone else should be, who are elected into public office. If they aren’t, they should be voted out.

Discuss your thought in the comments. Do you agree with what Sheriff Chad had to say today?

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