Australia: Victoria Premier Daniel Andrews Unveils New Mandarin-speaking, Blue-helmet Wearing Division of Victoria Police to Assist with Lockdowns and Protests

September 29, 2021 By Minister Sinister ~

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has unveiled a new division of Victoria Police, brought in to enforce lockdowns and crackdown on protests.

Officially named the “June 4 Unit”, the officers who are all fluent in Mandarin and noted for their distinctive blue helmets, will be rolled out across Victoria to assist Victoria Police in enforcing lockdown.

“These brand new multicultural officers will operate here indefinitely and be part of our SOG and PORT units,” Andrews said.

“Some of these officers have experience with protestors dating all the way back to 1989 and we welcome them here.”

Andrews denied criticism that it was controversial in the current climate.

“We’re only implementing the reforms to the Defence Act that Minister Peter Dutton signed last year.”

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