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Commentary ~ Nikola Tesla Discovered Free Endless Energy for the World

July 10, 2021

With July 10th being Nikola Tesla’s birthday… I felt it prudent to offer a brief 16 minute bio of his works that barely covers all his discoveries.

It is my hope this brief bio will encourage you to look a little deeper…because what he discovered will soon be implemented to change our world today. It has been suppressed for a VERY long time.

Nikola Tesla goal? Free energy for the world.

He also discovered MUCH MORE

Research his history on your own with off-line sources such as Britannica Encyclopedia hard copies, or with search engines who don’t manipulate search results.

Question to consider… Who or what would have a problem with the public knowing indepth Nikola Tesla history?

~~~ Linda Forsythe

Posted by C-VINE Volunteers