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COMMENTARY ~ Will We Celebrate Independence Day Next Year? Or Will America Be Gone?

July 2, 2021

As We Move into America’s Independence Day Celebrations this July 4th weekend, I am reminded as to WHY this holiday is SO important!

Will this be the last year of America’s Celebrations of Independence?

Our Celebration is quite sobering to me this year, because of troubling realizations, that we are about to LOSE the freedom our country fought for in 1776.

And what makes matters worse… we have an entire generation who don’t even begin to understand why loosing America’s Independence would be a GLOBAL nightmare.

But I digress…

I fully believe we will very soon receive revelations about what was REALLY behind the 9/11 terror attacks that will shake the world. I don’t know how I know…. I just know.

Maybe it’s only a matter of connecting the dots because of C-VINE covering the 9/11 KSM et al Military Tribunals, but every ounce of my being can feel it.

The death of Donald Rumsfeld a couple days ago was the trigger and a reminder of many things. Hindsight can be 20/20.

GTMO opening back up to start the 9/11 tribunals again this SEPTEMBER (after closing for 1.5 years because of COVID), may be another trigger for the starting gun.

This September will be 20 years after the terror attacks, and the prisoners haven’t even been to trial yet. They are still in PRE-TRIAL Mode.

But, we shall see what happens in the next couple weeks to months. Much is going on and America is at the precipice of becoming a dying dream.

But, I can’t believe American Patriots would allow that to happen. Most of us love our country.

That being said… two of our beautiful patriot C-VINE Volunteers, worked together to create this 9/11, National Anthem Tribute for the victims of September 11th.

We all remember that day. We will never forget.

Thank you JoLynn LIVE for the Vocal and our video team for the great video creation. I love our Volunteer Family!

~~~ Linda Forsythe