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Military Tribunal Rumor Squashing -From C-VINE News – Part 3 of 4

The Rumors are Flying! 

The Purpose of these reports and videos in the “Rumor Squashing” series is to do what the title says… To Squish the Rumors with PROOF of all assertions. All of these questions that are covered came from you; “We the People”.

If a rumor or question is not addressed in this report… it is because it was already covered in previous reports or will be addressed in a future report.  We’ve stopped repeating ourselves, but we will provide ALL the links to previous material for your research convenience. This also includes the links to the Department of Defense and the Transcripts to the KSM et al Proceedings held on 1/28 and 1/29. Do you want to know what is really going on during the tribunals and what it all means? Catch up and keep up, because this is just the beginning and much more is coming at a break neck speed.Our video’s should help.

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The KSM et al Military Tribunal proceedings’ schedule has changed. The next round was originally scheduled to begin again on March 18th. Current schedule now will begin on March 25-29.

This change was actually an Amendment to the Tribunal Calendar for a multitude of other time changes as follows with an included link:

On 30 July 2018, the Commission issued AE 5781
setting forth the current hearing schedule for
Calendar Year (CY) 2019 at the U.S. Naval Station, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. The Commission
amends AE 578D to shorten the March 2019 hearings from 18 – 29 March 2019 to 25 – 29 March
2019. Additionally, the Commission also amends the order to shorten the April/May hearings from
24 April – 3 May 2019 to 29 April – 3 May 2019.
2 The amended schedule is:
a. 25 – 29 March 2019
b. 29 April – 3 May 2019
c. 17 – 21 June 2019
d. 22 July – 9 August 2019
e. 9 – 27 September 2019
f. 28 October – 15 November 2019
So ORDERED this 21st day of February, 2019.

Part 3 in our Rumor Squashing Series of Questions: 

  • What was the Policy in Previous Years about OPEN Tribunals?
  • Why the pre-trial Military Tribunals with KSM et al are of Critical Importance to Watch Closely.
  • What does the Law say NOW about Military Tribunals Remaining OPEN to the Public?
  • Discussion of President Trump’s Executive Order – Amendments to the Manual for Courts – Martial, United States. Why is this Significant?
  • Was There an Order Given for a Closed Hearing to Happen the Next Day after the GITMO Judge had a Medical Emergency? What Was it?

First QUESTION: What was the Policy in Previous Years about OPEN Tribunals?

The answer to this question and some of the additional questions come from an excellent report from “The Nation” Newspaper and called; “Justice Can’t Be Done in Secret” Subtitle: “Why public and press have a right to witness military tribunal proceedings”. Written By Edward J. Klaris. It was written on May 23rd, 2002 and the link to Source is: https://www.thenation.com/article/justice-cant-be-done-secret/

There were a number of criticisms raised against the preliminary order issued by the Bush Administration in November of 2001. The government will, for example, permit defendants to have court-appointed military lawyers, defendants will be presumed innocent until proven guilty and death-penalty sentences must now be unanimous. On the key question of whether trials will be held in secret, however, the government answered its critics somewhat misleadingly. The regulations do state that trials should be open, but they also give the judges complete discretion to close the proceedings to the press and public for just about any reason. The regulations also stress that “no provision in this Order shall be construed to be a requirement of the United States Constitution.”

The report was written by The Nation Press in order to argue why things should be done differently and why the order as it stood in 2002, infringed on the rights of the Press and the Public. The report gives an entire group of extensive arguments, court cases used as precedent AND Constitutional Amendments on exactly WHY the rules put into place by the Bush Administration for Military Tribunal’s infringed on the rights of the citizenry.

Looking back to what was said in this report brings up quite a few alarming problems with the Bush Mandates.  Why structure them in this way?  Why change the rules for these proceedings? Why indeed!

It is CRITICAL that the public take the time to learn and understand what was happening here because it gives rise to some serious questions to be answered.

Can the rulings of one single judge over-rule or supercede some of our rights?  These amendments put into place by the Bush administration appear to be that this was the case.


An entire discussion blog can be held on this question alone and will be on our Facebook Group page.

Again, read this report in detail before joining the discussion in order to have an educated debate:  “Justice Can’t Be Done in Secret” – “Why public and press have a right to witness military tribunal proceedings”. Written By Edward J. Klaris. It was written on May 23rd, 2002 and the link to Source is: https://www.thenation.com/article/justice-cant-be-done-secret/

Second QUESTION: What does the Law say NOW about Military Tribunals Remaining OPEN to the Public?

Another point quoted from, “The Nation’s Report”, …..”In both Federal courts and Courts-Martial, it is now clear that these rights belong to the public, not to the government or the defendant, and are fundamentally necessary for the effective functioning of our criminal justice system. Neither the defendant nor the government nor both jointly can shield a proceeding from public view without meeting the stringent constitutional test.
Military tribunals are the functional equivalent of federal courts and courts-martial in terms of the press and public’s right of access. The tribunals will act as a “theatre of justice” where those who allegedly sought to terrorize and undermine the United States will be tried. While the defendants may not have constitutional rights because they are noncitizens captured abroad, the press and public do not give up their rights based solely on the forum chosen by the President”.
Sooooo… what did we do to fix this?  Enter President Trump and his Executive Order that went into effect on January 1, 2019 or this year.  Coincidentally just before the KSM et al Pre-trials started.
If you listen to the discussion of the KSM et al transcripts we read over for the 1/29 proceedings… you will then begin to understand why the Defense Team was arguing so hard for the proceedings to REMAIN OPEN and WHY the judge had to “Now meet a very high bar” of standards in order to close the hearings.
The arguments for closing the hearings did NOT meet that high bar according to the Amendments put into place in the Manual for Courts – Martial, United States. 
Ask yourself why would the Defense Team for the alleged terrorists be fighting so hard to keep the proceedings open to the public?  What do you think they want us to hear?
If you missed the 1/29 video discussion of that day’s proceedings… go here and LISTEN to catch up: https://c-vine.com/blog/2019/02/03/part-2-of-military-tribunal-transcriptions-united-states-vs-khalid-shaikh-mohammad-et-al/
Third QUESTION: Why the pre-trial Military Tribunals with KSM et al are of Critical Importance to Watch Closely.

A number of people have clearly stated that these KSM et al pre-trials are boring and of little interest.  They state these alleged terrorists have been in GITMo for a multitude of years and this is as far as we are in the proceedings? Pre-trial Phase? In the meantime… a number of high profile politicians run around free with a multitude of extremely suspicious allegations against then with nothing being done.

Please take the time to listen closely on this one because you are going to have to think critically on your own.  You have the answer right now, but allow me to lay a few things out for your consideration…

Considering what has just been answered in the first question… it should be obvious into why We the People should be watching VERY closely.  The original Bush mandates has given the appearance of doing whatever possible to keep many important bits of information away from the public eye utilizing the guise of protecting our Nation’s Security.

Our Nation’s security is of course of paramount importance, but a judge who can unilaterally decide on whether proceedings stay open or closed is suspect. In fact it can over ride much else put into place for the right’s of the public and the press.

Interesting points have been brought up elsewhere in other situations that infringed on our Constitutional rights by having a judge issue an edict.  Trumps Emergency EO in the past about the Travel Ban that originally halted the unimpeded influx of unvetted immigrants from known terrorist nations into our country come to mind. The Ninth Circuit Court had been quite busy stopping Trump who had every right to issue that ban. Link description: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/12/22/us/travel-ban-court.html

It has been since ruled that Trump’s Travel Ban be Upheld by Supreme Court as stated in the following (New York Times Article), after a significant amount of time passed because of the appeal process: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/06/26/us/politics/supreme-court-trump-travel-ban.html

Trump had broadly criticized the increasingly common practice of individual federal judges bringing unilateral halts to executive branch policy, which has already happened more than two dozen times under the Trump administration. The president specifically cited the Ninth Circuit’s injunction against his ban on travel from several Muslim-majority nations, which was ultimately ruled a constitutional exercise of presidential authority this year by the Supreme Court.

During his confirmation hearings in 2018 last year, Associate Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh was asked by Louisiana Republican Sen. John Kennedy about the constitutionality of individual federal judges issuing nationwide injunctions against presidential action — a phenomenon that has attracted scrutiny after district court judges unilaterally brought temporary halts to Trump’s travel ban and other initiatives. Kavanaugh demurred, saying he could not discuss potential pending issues before the Supreme Court.
Hmmmmm…. another reason for the big hullabaloo that went on to do anything possible in preventing Kavanaugh as SCOTUS?

We are talking about endless delay tactics here that ultimately spell out an Obstruction of Justice… but done “legally” because of laws put into place.

Last but not least… Do you not realize that since public access and close scrutiny has been corrected in that it is not so easy for these trials to be closed during questioning of the alleged terrorists… We the People can hear IF there were other orchestrators of the 9/11/2001 attacks. In other words… IF 9/11 was an “Inside Job” and these terrorists were used as proverbial henchmen to carry out the orders from another source?

And IF these henchmen are named with corroborated proof of an “inside job” it could bring down the entire house of cards called The Swamp.

Rethink these silly little Pre-Trials as not being of consequential importance.  POTUS is in town now and in control.

Fourth QUESTION: What is President Trump’s Executive Order – Amendments to the Manual for Courts – Martial, United States & Why is this Significant?

Without going over the entire Amendment on today’s report, we are including a link directly to the PDF from the whitehouse.gov website.  When you take the time to read through it, you will see where Trump strategically attached new rules in place to protect We the People so we all are given the ability to observe these critical military tribunals. And be provided with the transparency required so WE KNOW THE TRUTH.

Thank you POTUS!!!


Fifth QUESTION: Was There an Order Given for a Closed Hearing to Happen the Next Day after the GITMO Judge had a Medical Emergency? What Was it?

Yes.  The judge gave the order to close the hearings that were to happen the next day on Wednesday 1/30/2019.  Right after that order was issued, the judge had his medical emergency of a Retinal Tear and had to be airlifted off Guantanamo Bay to a stateside hospital.

Since then an entire slew of mandates have been issued that will take a significant amount of time to go through here. One we already gave to you at the top of this report that shows the shortening of all the trial dates.

It would be in the best interest of the American people to start visiting the DoD website to closely scrutinize everything that is going on.

Much is going on!  Once you get to the website… click on “Cases” and scroll down.  You will need to click on every single link to open it up and read the mandates.


Report researched and written by Linda Forsythe

Link to C-VINE Website: https://c-vine.com/

Link to C-VINE Facebook Group Page for Public Discussions and Debates: https://www.facebook.com/groups/CvineNewsTalk/

DoD Website: OMC has a website that contains resources on case details, court calendars, viewing sites, etc.

Transcripts for Military Tribunal KSM et al January 28 and 29th, 2019 :  
Link to video of Linda Forsythe and Leonard Bacani reading over and discussing pertinent details of the 1/29/2019  KSM et al Military Tribunal proceedings: https://c-vine.com/blog/2019/02/03/part-2-of-military-tribunal-transcriptions-united-states-vs-khalid-shaikh-mohammad-et-al/
Link to report written and researched by Leonard Bacani about Judge Kavanaugh
Link to Existing Cases Happening Right Now at GITMO:
Amendments to Manual of Courts – Marshall of the United States:
Report from The Nation” Newspaper and called; “Justice Can’t Be Done in Secret” Subtitle: “Why public and press have a right to witness military tribunal proceedings”. Written By Edward J. Klaris.  Written on May 23rd, 2002.https://www.thenation.com/article/justice-cant-be-done-secret/
Fox News Article Link of Trump Condemning the Ninth Circuit Court:

Linda Forsythe – Volunteer Citizen Journalist, News Commentator & Founder of the C-VINE International Foundation.

This rapidly growing, grass-roots effort is exciting to watch as Patriots join together to MAGA.


Leonard Bacani is a retired Santa Ana Police Officer and the Founder of HOMELAND SECURITY SERVICES, INC. headquartered in Southern California.

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