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GTMO ~ 9/11 Victims & Family Members File Suit Against SA for Release of Saudi Official’s Name

September 13, 2022

On 9/12/19, Bill Barr had a deadline, to release a decision on whether to declassify the Saudi Official’s name as a potential true orchestrator of 9/11, or keep the name sealed. The Attorney General at the time, chose the latter.

Barr did provide a compromise in that he released the name under seal to the attorney representing the victim’s and family members, the 9/11 Defense Team and the Saudi Legal Defense.

WHY would the U.S. Government protect the name of the potential true orchestrator of 9/11 while the Pre-trials continue in GTMO with KSM et al over 21 years?

The crime of the century remains without justice, and the Pre-Trials remain without Tribunal.

Jim Kreindler (Attorney for the Victims and Family Members) has publicly voiced his disgust in the past and has filed a lawsuit against the Saudi Government on the 3rd Anniversary (9/12/22), of Barr’s decision to hold the name under seal. Yesterday the Tribune News released the story in which Linda Forsythe reports on today in the attached video.

A PARTIAL clip of the (Tribune News Service) as follows — “The U.S. government ‘made a deal with the devil’ and a tireless group of 9/11 loved ones say they are fighting for their day in court to finally prove why that was such a horrifically bad decision. No public trial over the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks has ever been held — though many fought for one — and the “last best hope” is playing out in federal court in Manhattan now. The families want to expose how 19 al-Qaida hijackers — 15 of them Saudi nationals — crashed four jets, killing nearly 3,000 in one day, got financial help. They are suing Saudi Arabia to force some type of admission.”

In the meantime, the KSM et al Pre-trials are in negotiations for a Plea Deal to take the death penalty off the table if all 5 Saudi Terrorists in KSM et al Plead guilty. That is interesting considering they have voiced their own guilty plea multiple times in the past. Plus, it was published in the Wall Street Journal three years go, that KSM was willing to release the Saudi Official’s name in exchange of taking the death penalty off the table. The government later denied it.

The problem with a Plea Deal, is when they arrive at one, all of the questions the public has will go unanswered because the case will be closed.

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