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Part ~ Deep Dive #5 Eye Witness Testimony By Ann Vandersteel of the Zelenko Report

In Part 5 below,

Ann Vandersteel Broadcasts Powerful 9/11 Truth Series to a Vast Audience!

Collaboration of Richard Gage and Ann Vandersteel of the Zelenko Report.

“Welcome to our series of deep dives into 9/11. In this episode Mr. Gage reveals the evidence and eyewitness testimony of extreme heat, completely unaccountable in the official narrative of the destruction of the Twin Towers.”

Here are some of the questions answered in this interview:

Why are there so many examples of temperatures exceeding 2,800 degrees F that normal office fires, and even jet fuel, cannot even remotely approach. Why are structural steel framing sections bent like noodles – with no cracks? Why are first responders witnessing the “ends of the beams dripping with molten steel” like “lava from a volcano”?

What does it mean that the WTC Structural Engineer saw a “river of molten steel”? And why is there abundant forensic analyses by experts of the WTC steel, i.e., in place as sculptures around the world, indicating evidence of the thick molten iron slag associated only with thermitic reactions?

What is the source of the “severe high-temperature corrosion [sulfur] attack on the steel” with a “liquid eutectic mixture [of] iron” documented by FEMA’s metallurgical examination of the structural steel in Appendix C of their report?

What about the analysis of the WTC dust by the US Geological Survey and RJ Lee Group which documents “previously molten iron microspheres,” about 4 tons worth, that they can’t or won’t determine the source of? How did these particles, almost naked to the human eye, become spherically shaped? And made of elemental iron? How did they come to be molten?

What mysteries of the WTC dust were documented in the 2009 peer-reviewed paper by yet another group of top scientists? Why were small chips of “nanothermite” found in all of their WTC dust samples?

Why didn’t NIST find and document all of this evidence? After all they were tasked by Congress with explaining in detail the destruction of the Twin Towers to the American People?

They didn’t – but, If you dare to investigate this for yourself, you’ll “see” it. Then you will have no choice but to come to grips with its dark implications.

Richard Gage, AIA is a 30-year architect, a member of the American Institute of Architects, and the founder, and former CEO of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth. He is now independent along with his wife Gail – at RichardGage11 from which they continue to lead the effort toward a real investigation – reaching millions through their podcasts, speaking engagements and radio interviews.





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