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President Trump Goes There – Whistleblower’s Lawyer Should be Sued, ‘Maybe For Treason’ (VIDEO)

November 8, 2019

President Trump on Friday said the public impeachment hearings shouldn’t be held because the entire process is a “hoax” perpetuated by the Deep-State Democrat media complex.

Trump then slammed the CIA leaker and his activist lawyer Mark Zaid who openly admitted the ‘coup has started’ just days after Trump was sworn into office.

The President said that the ‘whistleblower’ who we now know to be CIA leaker Eric Ciaramella, should be publicly named and called in to testify.

“The whistleblower is a disgrace to our country. His lawyer who said the worst things possible two years ago, he should be sued, and maybe for treason,” Trump said to reporters from the South Lawn of the White House.

Activist attorney Mark Zaid, who represents the anti-Trump CIA “whistleblower” Eric Ciaramella is linked to Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager John Podesta.

Zaid’s old tweets are coming back to haunt him — he was caught admitting his goal is to remove Trump from office.

Mark Zaid, a committed leftist, tweeted in 2017 that “we will get rid of” President Trump.

Mark Zaid actually admitted in two January 2017 tweets that he is orchestrating a coup.

“Coup has started. First of many steps. #rebellion. #impeachment will follow ultimately. #lawyers” Zaid tweeted on January 30, 2017, barely a week after Trump’s Inauguration Day.

Zaid in response to a tweet from President Trump on the same day once again boasted of a “coup” to remove him from office.

“#coup has started. As one falls, two more will take their place. #rebellion #impeachment” Zaid said admitting that the Deep State will continue to make up new scandals with one saboteur after another until one does the trick and removes Trump from office.

by Cristina Laila

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