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Red Pill78: Graham Calls for Second Special Counsel, Avenatti Arrested

Watch Video:  RedPill78 – March 25, 2019

But for more than two years, the nation has been torn apart by the claims made Democrats and their operatives in the media. They were sure – sure! – that President Trump would be forced from office in disgrace. The conspiracy theorists seethed with fundamentalist conviction, confident that Robert Mueller would lead them to the promised land. Nonetheless, many are sticking to their story. There may be no evidence, but they just know it in their bones!

What the rest of us know is that we were duped, lied to, and fed garbage. And we should never forget the people who did it. They should not be trusted as journalists, pundits, or pols. But there will be plenty of time for naming the villains. God knows it is a long list.”    for Spectator USA

~  Lindsay Graham – talking about HRC, Comey, Lynch, etc…is calling for a new special counsel to investigate Russiagate.  “When it comes to the FISA warrant, the Clinton campaign, the counter-intelligence investigation – It’s pretty much been swept under the rug …Those days are over.”

~  House Judiciary Chairman, Democrat Jerry Nadler, heckled as he gave Press Conference: “You guys are a bunch of losers!”

~  Michael Avenatti arrested in NY on federal extortion charges 

~  Kelly Ann Conway calls on liberal hack Adam Schiff to resign immediately
~ The dominos are going to fall



Bonnie Nirgude’, Citizen Journalist for C-Vine Network News


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