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The Clinton/DNC Criminal Ring Leaders: They Almost Destroyed America

June 11, 2019

“They thought they would never lose.”  After all, they thought they were untouchable.

Hillary was to make certain she would be POTUS #45. Lie, cheat and collude – do whatever you have to do to destroy rivals.  Bernie Sanders was the initial target, Donald Trump was the butt of their jokes.  No problem there! … or so they thought…

But, once everything had been turned on its head and Donald Trump was rightfully placed into office, their new objective was AND STILL IS, to destroy President Trump at any cost.  They will stop at nothing, including assassination attempts.

When the crooked DNC discovered that their damning emails had been leaked, they instead claimed they had been hacked, giving them the foundation to lie and blame Trump. The Russian collusion story was born; then it grew into a bloated monster, with around-the-clock feedings by the colluding MSM – just One Big Stinkin’ “Nothing Burger…”

Clinton rigged the debates.  Comey rigged the FBI Investigation. The Obama Justice Department authorized a legal  FISA warrant – based on a fake Dossier. 

Clinton. Obama. Comey.  They almost destroyed America – Deliberately.  Organized criminals. They are nothing less than professional mobsters.  

Their due is coming due.

Please Watch the VIDEO:  A Story About How America Was Almost Destroyed By Criminals

~  Bonnie Nirgude’ for C-Vine Network News