Two Main Reasons a GTMO REBOOT is Imminent…

July 21, 2023

This morning, I concluded Part ONE of a report as to the official reasons for canceling all of the the many GTMO Commissions for the next three months. The official reason in my opinion is a continuation from the same playbook for the last many years of continuations and/or cancelations. Will this be the final time they overplayed their hand?  You decide and let’s discuss in the comments section your observations..

For discussion, I will point out two major reminders about what President Trump said and left in place when he was in office.

It’s almost like Trump KNEW what was going to happen.  The man who historically seems to be multiple steps ahead of his enemy detractors, has played an ingenious chess move.

1) Trump Opened up all the GTMO Commisions to the public on January of 2019 to be viewed LIVE from Guantanamo Bay via CCTV with a 40 Second Delay on Ft. Meade in Maryland.

These Commissions happened through most of 2019, when C-VINE Volunteers attended these and unofficially reported on them utilizing transcripts for fact-checking purposes on social media.

We watched month after month of legal suppression, delays, setting a date for tribunals going to trial, judges stepping down and KSM et al defense team plus legal defense for the victims and family members, continually fighting for information access that was kept classified. Including fighting for release of Saudi Official names as alleged true orchestrators of 9/11 that were kept under seal by then Attorney General Bill Barr in September 2019.

Hindsight is 20/20. Because IN the year 2020, revelations culminated one year later (January) as all the dots were connected.

It’s like President Trump KNEW what was going to happen. Future Proves Past. He KNEW about the diversions of false information of politicians and Hollywood celebrities being held in GTMO broadcast by shills, and ultimately fooling the masses.The only way to overcome this, was to show the public what was really going on, by opening GTMO trials to the public.

The Office of Military Commissions worked with us as part of the public watching these proceedings in Ft. Meade, by explaining why American Citizens could NEVER be held, tried, convicted, let alone executed in GTMO as per GTMO regulations. Believe me… we asked and argued!

The ONLY reason people learned the truth, was because we were there to physically watch, and report on social media unofficially. Transcripts were provided for the public as a fact checking tool.

The KSM et al 9/11 Defense Team in January 2020, laid out all the reasons why everything was stalled in court after 20 years which happened subtly, slowly over time and included the multitude of added illegalities perpetrated by the government, but never addressed. Judge Shane Cohen at the time, had the difficult decision to make on whether or not to throw the entire 9/11 proceedings out of court as stated on the last day of the January 2020 pre-trials.

It was at that exact time, the 4 year, privately funded study coming from the University of Alaska/Fairbanks, had completed the Forensic Analysis of the Freefall Collapse of Building 7 on 9/11. (Building 7 collapsed later in the day and wasn’t hit by any aircraft). The Forensic Analysis was completed by a team of Engineers, lead by Professor Leroy Hulsey (emeritus) and the damning results clearly showed Building 7 collapsed by controlled demolition. 3,700 licensed Architects & Engineers peer reviewed Professor Hulsey’s study, signed a petition in agreement with the forensic result analysis, which vehemently disputed the accuracy of the NIST report.

Building 7 was the smoking gun and the official NIST report diverted away from that.

2 weeks later, in February 2020, Judge Shane Cohen suddenly quit citing concerns for his family’s welfare.

One month later, in March 2020, GTMO Commissions canceled for two weeks to flatten the pandemic curve… and have continued with cancellations/continuations for the most part, (piece meal) up until this point.

Side note: Cheryl Bormann (the Learned Council), who lead the Defense team in January 2020 exposing (on the record) government shenanigans never addressed, was advised she was being placed under investigation in January – March 2022. It was at this point she had to quit because of not being able to adequately defend her client with this cloud of investigation hanging over her head. Ms. Bormann stepping down, ultimately lead to the KSM et al Plea Deals being negotiated as we speak in CLOSED/CLASSIFIED proceedings beyond public purview.

And then a sudden flurry of Commissions activity started again now for the months of June through December 2023.

C-VINE had taken upon itself to organize and promote the public coming en masse to the special gallery on Ft. Meade to watch these GTMO proceedings LIVE Streamed via CCTV from Guantanamo Bay. We even arranged to have their large auditorium available for the public as the original small room wouldn’t suffice. A number of truther influencers were also attending as witnesses beginning in August.

In June, C-VINE used the report from Carol Rosenberg (an official New York Times reporter physically on GTMO) of the exact information coming from the pre-trials. We shared these with our following because we couldn’t be there. Her reports were exemplary and double checked against the transcripts.

For awhile, official reporters worked together with citizen journalists to spread GTMO truth with the help of the good people at the Office of Military Commissions.

Keep in mind the Canestraro Report was a classified leak a couple months ago which validated what was released in January 2020 KSM pre-trials. In brief part of that report stated as follows…

Ex-FBI agents accuse top CIA, FBI officials of 9/11 coverup

By Dan Christensen,

Weeks before 9/11, an angry New York FBI agent nearly “came over the table” at CIA officials who were blocking him from obtaining intelligence about two al Qaeda terrorists who would soon take part in hijacking an American Airlines passenger jet and crashing it into the Pentagon.

“Someone is going to die,” the counterterrorism agent wrote in a bitter email shortly after the 2001 encounter.

That astonishing account, and many others, are contained in a sworn declaration by Donald Canestraro, an investigator for the Office of Military Commissions, part of the Department of Defense’s Military Commissions Defense Organization. It is dated July 20, 2021.

Canestraro said in a brief interview with Florida Bulldog that he is part of the defense team for Guantanamo detainee Ammar al-Baluchi, a Pakistani citizen who is awaiting trial with four other men accused of planning the 9/11 attacks. His declaration includes the results of his interviews with 11 ex-FBI agents, 2 ex-CIA agents, a CNN investigative journalist, former deputy National Security Advisor Richard Clarke and former Sen. Bob Graham (D-FL), co-chair of Congress’s Joint Inquiry into 9/11.

You can read the entire report HERE

2) President Trump Refusing to Shut GTMO Down.

In his 2008 run for the White House, President Barack Obama promised to shut down the prison for suspected terrorists in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and on his second full day as president he issued an executive order to close it within a year.

Obama’s opponent, John McCain, wanted GTMO closed as well. So who ever won the presidency, it appears closing GTMO was an agreed upon agenda. President Biden has taken up the mantle and continues the legacy. Slowly.

GTMO  originally contained over 800 AUMF (Authorized Use of Military Force) prisoners. A form of POW put into place by Bush. These prisoners were never charged for crimes, but were captured al Qaeda terrorists. They all have been repatriated elsewhere except for a few stragglers looking for repatriated homes.

In a previous 2017 interview with New York Times reporter Carol Rosenberg, made the statement, “Donald Trump said that, you know, he — during his campaign, that he intended to load the prison up with some bad dudes. He’s not closing that prison. He wants to add more prisoners to it. So, there’s a real question about where they’re coming from, who they are, what will be the authority to detain them? And, you know, bringing in new prisoners from the global battlefield, from, let’s say, perhaps, Iraq, or Syria, they’ll be completely different people than the men who are there now.”

Trump reiterated those statements in a 2018 report from The Guardian.

Fast forward 15 years to today. Wash, rinse, repeat. Continued multiple months of cancelations with potentially KSM et al in September because of a July prison COVID outbreak in the middle of summer.

But, still they just can’t seem to close the pesky Military prison down, and it certainly isn’t for a want of trying!

Could this be pandemic 2.0 with additional years of cancelations and lockdowns for their next trick?

If they can’t close GTMO down… they will continue with dramatic diversions elsewhere until the interest in justice for 9/11 dies with barely a whimper.

UNLESS there is a GTMO Re-boot, or the people stand their ground and say, “NO MORE”!

A Re-boot would be a similar fix as to when a computer no longer functions correctly. But this time attribution as to GTMO, I am speculating as to an incarceration upgrade of global crime syndicate prisoners who are orchestrstors of crimes against humanity.

Something has to give. Yesterday I saw a hint of that.

Last night, Trump’s Truth Social account went dark and then came back up again in under an hour. It almost gave the impression of a “Re-boot”. Multiple Influencers immediately noticed the Trump void and Tweeted about it.

One of his last “truths” before his disappearance was;

“It will be done quickly!!!”💥

I personally believe that to be true. Without warning! A few examples? Look at the Georgia Guidestones, Peace with Korea and an end to the Korean War after 50 years. Trump meeting Kim Jong Un in the Demilitarized Zone, the Supreme Court end of Roe vs. Wade giving back the decision to the individual States.

We may not know when, but as in the saying of Sun Tzu…

~~~ Linda Forsythe