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What REALLY Happened With Floyd? (Complete & Uncut Released video) You Decide.

A comprehensive look at what happened with George Floyd. Several videos from different sources included. (Uncut and complete in its entirety.) Pertinent Questions Added Throughout. No Politics, No Bias.

Please Note: Do to the nature of the video, you must be logged into YouTube and be over 18 years of age in order to view the video.

Since the video was uploaded yesterday, there has been new revelations, and many people have pointed a few things out that provide answers while creating more questions at the same time.

Carolyn Glass provided the following link to a Washington Post video (https://youtu.be/FMGUAHBFmjk). We now have a better idea as to a definitive timeline of events, as well as answers to a few of our questions:

1) When was the ambulance called? In that video (https://youtu.be/FMGUAHBFmjk?t=290), it states the ambulance was called at 8:22 pm. based on other information gleaned from the video, this puts the moment of the call at around 15:37 of our video (https://youtu.be/VtkH8CFrxPE?t=934).

They call for a code 2 which is non-emergency (no lights and sirens). A minute later, they call for code 3 (emergency – lights and sirens). From the first call, it takes the ambulance 6 minutes to arrive on scene.

Now that we know the time of the call, it still begs the following questions:
Who called for the ambulance?
Why did they call the ambulance?
Why would they continue to apply pressure after calling an ambulance?

2) Why did officers Lane and Kueng park so far away? According to the Washington Post video (https://youtu.be/FMGUAHBFmjk?t=95), the officers parked in front of the store where George Floyd allegedly passed a counterfeit bill (or check). The owners of the shop were also the ones who allegedly called the police.

Kim Griffith pointed out the discrepancy in the dates between footage at the store (5/25/20) and the officer’s body cam footage (5/26/20). Why the discrepancy?

The transcript for the 911 call that started the incident was also recently released.

[gview file=”https://c-vine.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/911-Transcript-for-George-Floyd-Incident.pdf”]

If you have additional information that may answer some of our questions, please provide it in the comments below and we will do what we can to vet it and provide updates to this page.