You Can’t Clean a Lake That’s Fed by a Polluted River

How are we to clean up our politically and culturally-polluted society? Every facet of our society has been systematically taken over and controlled by the Progressives’ agenda.  It will take concerted effort – and perhaps years – to turn things around.  But turn around, we must.

Commentary by Calvin T. Hobbes 

September 10, 2019

You’ve probably heard the expression, ”All politics is downstream of culture.”  But, do we appreciate what that means?

You can’t clean a lake that’s fed by a polluted river.

It has been the Progressive agenda for the past 100 years, to change our culture. The political landscape will always conform to exploit that culture.

Another way to look at that paradigm is the context of a great war. While Conservatives have always relied on the past, the legacy of historic accomplishments, Progressives have concentrated on the logistics of the supply line.

Conservatives rest assured that the might of our Army is unparalleled, and cannot be defeated. While Progressives took control of the military academy, the training camp, and the recruiting office.

Today we find ourselves, still with the largest and best-equipped force in the war, but one staffed by the woke and progressive activists instead of single-minded warriors.

As long as Progressives control the academies that train our leaders, the recruitment office that supplies people, and the propaganda office that controls narrative and attitude, our fight will be controlled and directed by the progressive, not the Conservative generals.

In our culture war, the Progressives have complete control over our academic leviathan. Education from pre-school to Grad-school, is the exclusive domain of cultural Marxists. Immigration, and illegal migration, is ceded ground to the modernity of ”diversity is our strength”. Media, and our cultural discourse, is controlled by socialists.

How mighty our culture once was, is no longer relevant, because it has been so completely polluted by the supply lines that have been feeding it.

To go back to the environmental analogy, you can clean the lake with all vigor, but as long as the sewer drains into it, you’re fighting a losing battle. As long as Satan controls our schools, our immigration, and our media, we will never know, as a nation, the blessings of God’s providence.

God left us in charge of this kingdom, and he left us with talents to invest. He will return and ask how we invested them.

When you celebrate the founding of our nation every July 4th – when you thank veterans for their service, and the fallen for their sacrifice, when you enjoy your liberties, brag about your freedom, and demand your rights – remember that you will be asked, what you did to preserve those blessings, how you’ve secured them for your posterity. How have you invested your talents?