9/11 Pre-trials Begin Again Next Week While in the Path of a Hurricane

September 25, 2022

Remember, next week the KSM et al pre-trials for 9/11 are starting up again in GTMO after being canceled for over 2 years. Next week hasn’t been canceled YET.

In fact as of right now, Monday and Tuesday will be conducted in a CLOSED SESSION as they negotiate a KSM et al Plea Deal which will close the 9/11 case down without going to Tribunal.

A successful Plea Deal will also mean NOT having to show any discovery to the public.

The KSM et al “Discovery” is considered classified. Such as… the Saudi Official name under seal who could very well be the true orchestrator of 9/11. Or, the forensic analysis of Building 7 rubble that collapsed on 9/11 without being hit by aircraft.
What about the Open/Public Pre-trials  showing many shannigans pulled by the CIA/FBI? These all have been documented in the KSM et al transcripts over the years. Will any of those be scrutinized? Called to task?

DeSantis has declared a State of Emergency in Florida because Tropical Storm Ian is expected to strengthen significantly into a hurricane and hit the Sunshine State next week.GTMO is also in the path of the hurricane.

(Interesting how that little detail was left out of the news).
Could this be what President Trump meant about a storm coming? Could this be why he said; “NO DEALS”?
Hmmm… I wonder if the KSM et al trials will be canceled again?
Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments.
~~~ Linda Forsythe

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