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A “Holy ROAR” Inside the”Red Wave”

 The Power of Love Can Move Mountains, and We are Witnessing that Power Right Now.

A Holy Roar

I originally was going to write this blog as a, “thank you” for two acts of selfless love that I witnessed yesterday. But, as I started writing, it came to me that these actions inspired by the Holy Spirit have gone viral inside millions of us globally, in a multitude of ways. There is a “Holy Roar” spreading like nuclear fusion through everything. This roar is drowning out the darkness. “And the light shines in the darkness,and the darkness comprehended it not” John 1:5

It is apparent throughout the world, there is a state of awe coming from most people, as they watch our POTUS, (Donald J. Trump), navigate through endless bombardments and attacks daily. Yet, he rises completely unscathed each and every time. He doesn’t slow down and continues to trudge forward through it all – WITHOUT FEAR and supported by a mighty conviction of purpose. It is obvious to most with their eyes open, of the special anointing he has, and is inspiring millions.

Our eyes have been gradually opened up to the years of global corruption from an elite few who have a NWO agenda to enslave the world. A “Holy Roar” is now quickly increasing in volume.  This roar may have started as a whisper from the silent majority, but the earth shaking sound is becoming undeniable.

SIDE NOTE: Q has endorsed this YouTube video that has helped to open our eyes.  If you haven’t watched it… please do so. Very well done; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1VEK5-dD0PY

We may not hear about this “Holy Roar” in the Mainstream or Social Media, but those of us who are paying attention, already have an inner knowing of its existence. How is that?

In addition, “Discernment” has also exploded throughout the ranks.  It’s almost as if our ability to sense BS has been seriously increased.  Sources have been revealed. Why?

Because the Holy Spirit is warning us of the evil danger. There are lying voices planted inside wolves wearing sheep’s clothing, in order to covertly, “kill, steal and destroy”. To keep us weak and divided. To keep us dependant on the spider who seductively beckons to the fly…please come join me for dinner. I will take care of you inside my web.

Those who are asleep have been hypnotised to enter. But we who have stayed alert can clearly now see the hidden dangers we almost stepped into.

Those staying connected to the VINE of Christ, are experiencing the power of this unity. The power of the love of God is in each of us. Miracles are abounding before our eyes because of it.

But, you may be asking; “How can this be? I’m certainly not seeing what you’re talking about! All I see is chaos and the world gone mad”!

Did you know you already have the answer? You have more than you know!  Answer these three questions yourself and you will understand what you have placed your faith in…

* “WHERE specifically are you looking, that has your eyes believing the scenes of on-going chaos?”

* “WHAT SOURCE are you specifically paying attention too for your information”?

* “WHO is the original source behind the voice?

Here is a hint… God is NOT the author of chaos. If words and actions are propagating fear and hopelessness, judgement and chaos in your mind… are these going to bear good fruits?

There-in, is your answer.

      15“Beware of the false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly are ravenous wolves. 16“You will know them by their fruits. Grapes are not gathered from thorn bushes nor figs from thistles, are they? 17“So every good tree bears good fruit, but the bad tree bears bad fruit. 18“A good tree cannot produce bad fruit, nor can a bad tree produce good fruit. 19“Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. 20“So then, you will know them by their fruits.  Matthew 7:15-20

Yesterday, I tasted some very good fruit.  It was unmistakable. The aroma overwhelmed me by the love and selfless acts it sprank from. This fruit nourished my soul during a time of despair. {Observe the word, “SELFLESS”). These actions were given without guile or an attempt to gain something back. I knew the source of these actions and the seed of where it came from. Discernment and or a gut feeling made it clear.

A woman by the name of Fauna Kness (We’ve never physically met, but have interacted on Facebook), learned that the vehicle I’ve been using for the last couple years – was about to give up the ghost.

(SIDE NOTE: My existing vehicle was originally donated to me a couple years ago on Mother’s Day from my daughter Tiffany). The gift from my daughter, was in and of itself a miracle when I had no hope for answers. It came from out of the blue and was miraculous divine intervention…. so naturally I felt I had used up all of my, “GIFT OF A FREE VEHICLE” bonus cards from the Lord.  I mean really, do miracles to that degree repeat themselves? I mistakenly thought this was true and accepted my placement back where I started years earlier. Broke, barely existing on disability and without hope or a way to get around. 

I also was rather bemused that the “project” the Lord had me working on for Him was moving forward like molasses. I had been grumbling to Him that I would have appreciated a little more help to get the job done he set me out to do. But, “c’est la vie”. God’s timing… not my own. Right? Ugh. I prayed for strength.

Never mind that I had temporarily forgotten the endless supply of assistance during the previous 7 year period of drought. I am now reminded how the Israelites in the time of Moses also complained to the Lord, even though they witnessed the parting of the Red Sea, received sustenance provided for daily with manna from heaven, water provided out of rocks in the desert and guided by pillars of fire. How soon we lose faith and give up!  But, God was patient with my bemusement.

BUT, I digress….

Fauna contacted me the next day without warning and bluntly said;

“I’d like to give you my car”.

*** sound of me dropping a glass. ***

“Say WHAT? You would like to do WHAT?!?!””

This completely took me by surprise  and certainly wasn’t something you hear everyday. It had brought me to a state of awe and thanksgiving.  Thank you Fauna. <3

I had been tired from years of dark spiritual attacks. My journey through the desert hasn’t been easy.  I was starting  to lose faith because of exhaustion.

And, then Fauna reached out. Wow.

BUT, this story doesn’t end there. Not by a long shot. Fauna’s surprise statement was only the first of a flood of blessings coming my way… and the reminder of how much we are already blessed, if we stay connected to the VINE. The secret is opening your eyes and counting your blessings, one by one. They are there.  Gratitude and faith seem to open doors of abundance. Why do we forget to do that?

Leonard Bacani became part of this story and is someone I met only a few months ago.  A retired police officer who died three times on the operating table back in 1997 because of being stabbed in the chest with a 10″ butcher knife after responding to a call while on duty in the Santa Ana Police dept. He was honored with a “Purple Heart” and has since built his own private investigations firm called, “Homeland Security Services, Inc.”. Leonard is a hero in so many ways. He is without guile, filled with a special anointing of the Holy Spirit and continues to stand fearless against any attacks from the devil. He is a proverbial, “bad-ass” with a heart of gold. No one or nothing gets past Leonard. A true guardian angel.

Leonard heard about the gift from Fauna and the problem in how I was going to retrieve the car from over 700 miles away, without having the funds.  He stepped right up with Fauna in a huge way! Ultimately we spent a total of over 17 hours on the road in his car. First driving to the location to pick up my gift, and then Fauna and Leonard worked together to have it towed back by AAA. Neither had met each other before this period. He and Fauna were both “Platinum Members” for roadside assistance and could receive free towing for under 200 miles per trip. With an over 700 mile transfer, it was going to take a bit of teamwork. AAA has multiple rules about being there for the original tow and an approved area for drop off. The car needed to be towed on a car carrier as it is an older vehicle and to save the tires.

My new miracle car during the 2nd tow trek!

It all started with the first trek, where the vehicle was driven south for 100 miles to a niece of Fauna’s. Fauna’s AAA was then called to have it towed south another 175 miles and dropped off at an acceptable location, but we had to be there in order to receive it.  From there, Leonard used his AAA to have it towed south an additional 125 miles and dropped off where we had to beat the tow truck to pick it up in THAT acceptable location. Last but not least, Leonard called for a final tow from the 4th location , (he had 4 tow allotments a year) to have it towed the remaining 196 miles  home. In which case we again had to beat the tow truck back through southern California traffic in order to accept it.  We started at 5:00 in the morning and finished at 11:30 p.m. because of the wait time for each tow request. Whew! Talking about acts of kindness from neighbors!

So, how do these two extraordinary acts of kindness equate to a Holy Roar? you may ask.

Because one kind action, one voice expressing selfless love in defense of a neighbor – combined with millions of others – create a roar when spoken in unity. Key words? “Selfless love in defense of a neighbor.”

Remember God’s project I told you about? This is why C-VINE was born. An organized meeting place was created for selfless love, in defense of a neighbor. Neighbors who unite together for each other. Also a place to talk about existing news and form a study/fact checking group. Ultimately from there… a place to REPORT the news that we proved to be true.

The wheels were slow turning initially.  An Internet information platform was created and built for “We the People” without a blueprint to go from.  It was to be a place where concerned earth citizens would join together to communicate, not only the news, but enjoy information from our mutually created “Public Education Service”, taught by trusted teachers for each subject. We also would be learning the needs of our neighbors and grouping together resources to help each other. All this started with nothing more than an inspiration because of dire need locally. It was started without money. Without advertisements. Was not to be a “Special Interest Group” or 501c3/non-profit organization. Not meant to be a business or a church. But, created as a Foundation that is owned by NO ONE, and placed in an irrevocable trust FOR “We the People”. The people are in charge, and there is no way any one person can become rich monetarily because of strict rules of transparency.

The platform has been and continues to be built with the sweat equity donated by thousands in the similar manner of an “Amish Barn Raising”. Any funds donated to C-VINE, go directly to the purpose it was intended and NOT into the pockets of a select few. It has spread from the local, grass root beginnings, to a global movement.

We the People have an uncensored voice again. Unregulated by any government or social entity telling us what we can or can’t say. Governed by the love of God and His Moral Compass. A safe port in the storm from the chaos raging around us. C-VINE is a place for the Conservative, “silent majority” that has regrouped after years of repression. After all… the majority of the Conservative voice, comes from the everyday worker.  The tradesman. The person in public service such as police, firemen or nurses. The military. These are those who fought and died for America and it’s original purpose. Our home created, OF the People – BY the People – FOR… “”WE the People”.

We are also blessed with an abundance of professional investigators, lawyers or retired police officers who donate their time for fact checking information. Many retired individuals donate their time to help with editing and organizing. A multitude from all walks of life contribute information, keep watch over the news and do citizen journalism. In addition, we have a number of graphic designers, webmasters and computer engineers who donate their time keeping the massive website up and running. I will be naming names in a special blog in the future….   But for now I give an extra special thanks to those who have donated HUGE amounts of time and resources…. Gregory Kelly, and Randi Feeny for the the IT help! Thank you Bryan Caron and Jill Usher for your awesome graphic designs. Thank you to the attorney’s, Ron Ask, and Kamran Bakhsh for forming the Charitable Trust/Foundation and your legal advice. And thank you Leonard Bacani for donating your time as Operations Manager and protecting us all from potential dangers!

With all that being said… how many Americans know the true history of this country? Did you know it was created as a (joining together in unity) for “We the People” who would work together as family to rule over ourselves? It was made to be a place for immigrants of all lands to ESCAPE THE TYRANNY of the elite few who were enslaving them. A place where immigrants are welcomed, and can choose the life they want to live, and be given the ability to own their own land or business. America was basically built by the small business owner.  Did you know that? They weren’t given handouts when they first arrived.  They were given the privilege to work for a new life, where they could keep the fruits of their labor, instead of working as serfs to build up the wealth of their rulers. Churches or the people would help provide for the poor or impoverished. Not the government. And certainly not big businesses disguised as charitable organizations who many times keep 80% or more of monies raised for their proverbial, “over-head costs”.

The Statue of Liberty in the New York Harbor, holds her torch high as a guiding light to weary travelers saying, “Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor, Your Huddled Masses Yearning to Breathe Free, The Wretched Refuse of Your Teeming Shore. Send These, the Homeless, Tempest-Tossed to Me. I Lift my Lamp Beside the Golden Door!

Free from what?  Tyrannical Rule! From those whose agenda is to destroy our home and take it over. Rules were put into place to guard against those with ulterior motives. Against invading sources foreign and domestic.

But, an immigration process MUST be followed in an orderly fashion, or it will swamp the ship. A group of laws were put into place by We the People,  and can only be changed by us within our mutually agreed upon system. Each new immigration case is looked at closely and a process is begun for the applicant. This process must be gone through before being allowed entry, so our new neighbors can integrate into our society.  It’s almost like an orientation into the workings of their new home, it’s laws, how and why this country was formed, it’s history and expectations of all citizens. Plus health screenings are implemented to protect the population from potential threats and offer assistance to the one afflicted. These rules were put in place for the benefit of ALL, instead of throwing anyone into our society head first without knowing the lay of the land. In the meantime, the rule of law must be enforced to keep order. Or, our home could be destroyed and therefore there would be no help for anyone.

Never again, will “We the People” allow our voices to be silenced or country hijacked for the ultimate purposes of an elite few who have an evil, self serving agenda.

We have watched the subtle, but systematic destruction of our families, abolishment of the rule of law in our court systems and enforcement out on the streets, the attempts of tainting the minds of our children and attempted corruption of the American Constitution. The hijacking of our economy for the benefits of an elite few, and even the on-going attempt to unseat our duly elected POTUS, that We the People voted in through the correct Constitutional Process.

In the beginnings of our country, safeguards were put into place SPECIFICALLY to protect future generations from exactly a time such as this. Our forefathers knew the games of how tyranny worked. How the elite few will try to gain a foothold to enslave the population. Can you feel the love of your forefathers who laid this foundation in place for us? Trust their wisdom! “We the People” are fighting for the restoration of the original safeguards.

This blog wasn’t written to help sway you to see the truth. You either see it or don’t.  Those who are paying attention KNOW what the truth is by an innate understanding. Other’s are searching for truth and the answers are available if they start trusting their own abilities for research, or joining like minded fact checking groups who form teams for exactly that purpose.

C-VINE has a Fact Checking Group on Facebook specifically created to fact check and study Breaking News, or rumors. Please join us to lurk, ask questions or contribute some of your own proven facts.  https://www.facebook.com/groups/CvineNewsTalk

Just know that even though you may not hear what is really going on beneath the surface, your instincts are correct in that the the “Red Wave” has already risen. Listen to the whispers of the Holy Spirit. Your observations are keen. This Wave has become a Tsunami of voices raised in unison as a “Holy Roar” with God leading the way back for His people, and angels fighting for you in the spiritual realm. Praise Be to God!

P.S. I found a song written by Chris Tomlin titled; “A Holy Roar” that expresses beautifully what is happening around the globe. Enjoy the Praise & Worship.

~~~ Linda Forsythe

NOTE: This article was posted by our C-VINE team of volunteer workers, investigative reporters, and citizen journalists, who make certain all information is vetted for accuracy before publishing. C-VINE News is placed in a Foundation, also called a Charitable Trust and is run by, “We the People”.

Conversations and discussions are being held on the C-VINE News Talk – Facebook Group Page(Must be a Facebook member): C-VINE News Talk