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Gitmo Military Tribunal ~ Analysis & Transcripts 6/17 and 6/19/19

June 20, 2019

The transcripts for the Military Tribunals from the KSM et al Tribunals in GITMO for 6/17 and 6/19 are out.  Each one is over 120 pages of legalese.

We are posting the DoD website link here for you to download each set. This is for the days of June 17th and 19th.  June 20th as of the posting of this article has not been released yet. ??

Our C-VINE members and Citizen Journalists, Bonnie Nirgude and Linda Houck were each trained by us to handle the coverage and this week was their first assignment.  Be aware that each of them attended and covered these for you as volunteers and at their own expense.  That being said, we are going to bring to your attention the page for donations on our C-VINE website that is attached to the Foundation.  Please donate generously because the expenses have become quite large in this grass roots movement.

U.S. v   Khalid Shaikh Mohammed et al (2)

Unofficial/Unauthenticated Transcript of the KSM et al. (2) Motions Hearing Dated 6/19/2019 from 9:02 AM to 12:38 PM

Unofficial/Unauthenticated Transcript of the KSM et al. (2) Motions Hearing Dated 6/17/2019 from 10:01 AM to 2:29 PM

Day the June 17th:
1. Preliminaries
2. Voir Dire of Judge Cohen
WED 19 JUN Morning: Open
1. AE007I Viewing Sites
2. AE621 German Discovery

3. AE625 Bill of Attainder

WED 19 JUN Afternoon: (505h)
1. AE118N Security Infrastructure
2. AE530TTT Laptops

3. AE628B & AE630A: Witnesses for Suppression

On June 19, 2019. Military Judge Col. W. Shane COHEN  presided over the  R.M.C. and 803 session was called to order at 0902.

Mr. Mohammad – Present

Mr. Binalshibh was absent

Mr. Ali (Al Baluchi) was absent

Mr. Hamzi was absent

Mr. Hawsawi was absent

Mr. Connell, Lead Defense Council for Al Baluchi (Mr. Ali) reiterated to the new judge his standing objection to the anonymous testimony of the linguist.

The Government is asking for approval for more viewing sites and to expand the use of Fort Meade. They want to be able to use the entire Fort Meade base, rather than just one viewing building. Why would the Government bring this up if they were not expecting an influx of accused being tried though the Military Tribunals?

The Defense also supports a more open military tribunals.

The Defense brought up the issue of possibly having the Tribunal broadcast over the internet, so the public has more access.

All 9/11 victims on the planes were in route to West Coast destinations so many victim’s families are on the West Coast. More military viewing sites should be on the West Coast.

Judge agreed Military Tribunals should be more open and asked the Government (Prosecution) to help make it more open to the public. He was not sure if he had the Authority to order the Government to military tribunal more open.

Defense argued Judge Cohen did have the authority to order the US Government to allow broadcast over the internet for more public access to military tribunals.

Discussion of balancing national security with the right of the public to watch military tribunals.

Accused terrorist Binalshibh was part of the alleged Hamburg cell in Germany. Germany conducted their own investigation and evidence was provided by the German Government

German law prohibits the death penalty; and prohibits the extradition of someone who might face the death penalty.

“The German Constitution would prohibit cooperation in securing a death penalty, even to the point of not allowing evidence to be handed over if it could be used for those purposes.”

Defense suggestion is the United States government came to the agreement with the German Government that Mr. Binalshibh would not be prosecuted for a death penalty case but in fact the U.S. Government intended to renege on that agreement and indeed prosecute Mr. Binalshibh for a death penalty case (which is obviously the case).

In one hand Mr. Trivett, on behalf of the U.S. Government (Prosecution), tells the Judge the Government intends to abide by all agreements made with the German Government.  On the other hand, The Prosecution argues that any arguments between the two countries are not enforceable by the accused in this case. Judge Cohen did not immediately rule on this motion.

Defense Council Major Joseph Wilkinson for Mr. Hawsawi brought up a motion to dismiss for lack of personal jurisdiction because the 9/11 attacks were not armed conflict; they were terrorism, and they didn’t belong in a war crimes tribunal; they belonged in a civilian court that could try terrorism cases.

(The issue of personal jurisdiction will become a major issue for each enemy combatants (politicians and media) who have committed treason and tried in military tribunals. – LB)


Linda Forsythe: is a Citizen Journalist and News Commentator in C-VINE News.

She is also the FOUNDER and architect of the C-VINE Network that includes Breaking News and an International Forum. The Network includes a section for Education and many Social Media pages where the public can discuss or research News Stories.  In addition, a Citizen Journalist Program and Licensed Investigators Team works closely in tandem with the public to bring Late Breaking News.

Linda saw the critical necessity of providing vetted information to the public that would be trusted, sources transparent, and where the people could also be directly involved in fact checking the sources.  There was no better way to do this than to have the citizens of the world be in charge of the news and education… NOT the Government or “For Profit” Main Stream Media.

Linda created the multi-media platform and systematized the integration of News Releases, Volunteers, Social Media Groups, and Educational Channels, so “We the People” could receive vetted, but uncensored information.

C-VINE International is placed in a Charitable Trust to be run by the public and C-VINE Foundation Trustees. C-VINE is supported by donations, volunteers and revenue made from renting space on the Educational Channels. Zero advertising is allowed.

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