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All Roads to the Vatican are Now Closed ~ Power Outage Last Night

January 10, 2021

Lin Wood suggested in a post last evening, to visit to the Vatican on their LIVE stream, and provided a link.

This is an evolving story…

When I clicked to observe, everything was dark except for a couple lights and watched the number of people who were watching at the time were at 1700,  and then shot up to over 8000. Then it went down to 200 after lack of temporary activity…and now way up again.

Latest news is all roads to the Vatican are now closed.

I saw a section on the live stream after very early morning Mass of a number of police flashing lights outside the Vatican while it was still dark. Attached are a  comments of observers of other activities from Twitter.

Something appears to be going down.

~~~ Linda Forsythe

Click on the link to observe the Vatican LIVE STREAM DIRECTLY. Things are still happening. .. ???


Posted by Volunteers of the C-VINE Dream Team