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AM 590 Radio ~ Law Enforcement Officer Warns What Can Happen if Ordered to Violate the Constitution = Nazi Germany 2.0

August 28, 2021
Our US Constitution and Bill of Rights were implemented by our Founding Fathers to protect all citizens from Tyrrany and maintain America’s freedom.
What does it mean when certain areas of the country are ordering Law Enforcement Officers to “Stand Down” engaging those who are breaking the law, damaging property or harming citizens?
What if there are other situations where officers are ordered to enforce mandates that are unconstitutional?
Many good officers are leaving the police force because of it and are being replaced by those who will be more “compliant”.
The end result for America will not be pretty.
Where are these orders coming from and what can We the People do about it?
Linda Forsythe and Leonard Bacani interview former Police Officer, Greg Anderson on AM 590 Radio. Greg gives an eye-opening account of where this country is headed if situations continue.
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Posted by C-VINE Volunteers 

Posted by C-VINE Volunteers

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