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Retired US Vets Rescue Americans and Afghan Allies During Secret Missions Conducted BEHIND BIDEN’S BACK

August 28, 2021

A group of highly trained US military veterans have been conducting secret rescue missions behind the Biden State Department’s back, rescuing hundreds of Afghan allies from Afghanistan with their heroic efforts.

Operation ‘Pineapple Express’ 

By Julian Conradson

Furious over the terrible situation in they had already sacrificed so much to prevent when they served, the team of retired specialists, including Green Berets and Navy SEALS, risked their lives. They volunteered to travel to Kabul because they were afraid that Joe Biden was abandoning at-risk Afghan elite forces, leaving them to die at the hands of terrorists.

“We did what we should do, as Americans,” he said.

“I just want to get my people out” – Maj. Jim Gant, a retired Green Beret also told ABC The operation started about a week ago and was called “pineapple express.” Team members used images of pineapples on their phones to communicate who they were and would usually smuggle people into the airfield in the dead of night.

They had been operating until Thursday morning, when some of their team were among those injured in the suicide bombing near the airport that killed over 180, including 13 US Military members. 

According to New York Post:

ABC said some Pineapple Express travelers were injured in the terror attack, and the group was still assessing whether any were among the more than 180 killed.

Some of those rescued said they witnessed people just inches away from them being killed, while others refused to leave unless their family members were also evacuated.

The heroic team started with the goal to rescue an ex-Afghan commando that was under imminent threat from the Taliban for having worked with US military forces in the past. They were able to get him and his family safely out of danger.

After that mission was a success, they waded through sewers and used satellite imagery to avoid dozens of Taliban checkpoints so they could covertly smuggle people to the airport.

Their courageous efforts have enabled 630 people to safely get to their evacuation flights out of Afghanistan. 


He explained to ABC: “This Herculean effort couldn’t have been done without the unofficial heroes inside the airfield who defied their orders to not help beyond the airport perimeter, by wading into sewage canals and pulling in these targeted people who were flashing pineapples on their phones.” 

These brave heroes had already sacrificed so much fighting in Afghanistan so the Taliban could not continue their evil reign of terror. The last thing they should have to do is go back into a hostile war zone to rescue people that have been left behind by the Commander in Chief. 

These men deserve to be accommodated and recognized for their amazing strength and resolve. Thank You!

Biden, on the other hand, handed the terrorists everything they needed to rise again and gave them a list of American citizens and allies who are still behind enemy lines.

But thankfully, there are still a few good men out there who are willing to do what’s necessary.

Posted by C-VINE News Volunteer Citizen Journalists

Posted by C-VINE Volunteers

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