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ANALYSIS: How Do We the People Make Our Voices Heard When We’re Constantly Silenced by Big Tech et al?

January 12, 2021

One of the comments on a social media platform where I posted this video asked the following question…

“I agree that We the People need to step up and make our voices heard, but how do we do it? Our voices are continually silenced. Why doesn’t someone tell us HOW?”

My answer is, Trump taught us how. After the election, he called us to D.C. to “Peacefully and Patriotically” Protest. He called a Rally.

The Mayor of DC did everything in her power to convince us not too. In the freezing cold, without promise of a meal or place to sleep… or even have use of bathroom facilities… hundreds of thousands came and in fact DID Peacefully assemble. We had many C-VINE volunteers there filming it.

IMHO, this is the biggest nightmare of the left. All of us joining together with one voice. They had to do something… anything to stop it.

Hong Kong and many other countries under the threat of tyrrany have done the same.

PEACEFULLY joining together as one voice where we can’t be ignored.

The theme for Day 4 of the Trump Impeachment hearing was a call to the left, to STOP the hypocrisy for past hot rhetoric.

Trump’s Defense team was amazing as they said what most of us wanted too. In fact the Trump team made the argument that many of those there elected to office, could be impeached for their own past comments under Democrat Standards. The Defense team held Democrat feet to the fire, bringing out truth with evidence showing blatant news manipulation and orchestrated rhetoric to fit the narrative of the left by using dishonest tactics.

They proved how Democrats, MSM and other talking pundits, falsified video takes and misquoted Trump in order to try anything, to remove him from office. They even went to the point of completely editing out key phrases Trump said like; “Walk peacefully and Patriotically to the Capitol”.

Now that he is out of office, they want to make certain he never returns. “What We the People” want, is becoming increasingly evident to us, is that Democrats and other elected officials WE put into office… DON”T CARE what we want.

The southern border was opened up today and thousands are streaming across as we speak.

What is it going to take? How much worse does it need to get? Because SOON your cage door will be shut.

You know what to do with your patriotic spirit and love for America… MAKE YOUR VOICES HEARD WITHOUT VIOLENCE OR BEING INCITED BY BAD ACTORS TO COMMIT VIOLENCE.

Martin Luther King Jr. did it. Gandhi did it.

It’s called Passive Resistance.

~~~ Linda Forsythe