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Are You Ready to be Awakened? It’s a Living Nightmare

July 19, 2019

The Time has Come to Wake Up

Are you ready for the next giant step in waking up to the TRUTH?  The Truth can be extremely painful and disturbing, and this segment will no doubt meet that standard.  But wake up we must, or become a victim of the same sick secrets – those “humans” living amongst us – smiling, talking, convincing us what wonderful people they all are – how “normal” they are, how superior they are. Big names, popular names – people we may have admired… 

We have been so clueless…

Those we have admired, looked up to, trusted, even honored in religion – we can feel as though our whole world is crashing in around us.  “What in the world… this can’t be true…Where do I go from here?  Who can I trust, who can I believe anymore?  What about my church?”  And yes, their symbolism will be their downfall.  It’s everywhere.  Start noticing…why do certain men wear red shoes…? 

“Foundations” that we always understood to be so wonderfully helpful in humanitarian crises. You mean some were a front for trafficing children?? Pedophilia. Adrenochrome. Organ harvesting. Organs and young blood sold at high prices is big business – the dark underbelly of our world.  We have been kept in the dark.

Be gentle with yourself as you mentally process what you are learning.  It’s not easy, and it will take time.  

We must be gentle, patient and loving with those around us – those just waking up to these horrific truths going on since the beginning of time. Help them learn.

And many are still asleep. 

Moloch?  Isn’t that just an ancient demon god of some kind from, you know, Adam and Eve days,  Moses, Noah? NO.  Moloch is still the ancient god of sacrifice in this present age, still being worshipped in real time by those in power, across the globe.  Devil worship.  Hollywood –  of course –  Politicians, Religious leaders, Humanitarian foundations, secret societies, Masonic Order? Yes. The United States is no exception. 

Its effects are DEVASTATING –  Human trafficing, disappearing children kidnapped for occult sacrifices.  Sick “parties” for the elite.  Be thankful if you belong to the class of “Deplorables”, as accused by Hillary.  She’s more than deplorable.  Despicable comes to mind.


This isn’t “conspiracy chatter”.  Every bit of this is documented, fully vetted for accuracy, proven in hundreds of documents, emails, on film –  every form of proof – including by their own admission.

Eyes wide open.  Watch this video and be awakened.

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Bonnie Nirgude’ for C-Vine Network News