C-VINE Newsletter 07.09.21 ~ [WARNING]: “Something” is About to BURST Wide Open

July 9, 2021

These were the words that came to me in a flash as I opened my eyes yesterday morning…

“Something” is About to Burst Wide Open


It came with a sense of expectation, mixed with a healthy touch of inner knowing.


We’ve all been hearing that certain activities were going to happen for a long time now, but this was different. It was an all encompassing, 3D picture, showing everything at once.

A Holy Time ~ An Outpouring of the Holy Spirit

I felt movement, but yet I didn’t feel fear.

I felt a hedge of protection, yet I didn’t see a physical army.

I feel guided, and yet don’t have a map…

The bright light of an epiphany.

I continued to ponder all this later, while drinking my morning coffee and scrolling through my phone. Then coincidentally, a YouTube video appeared at the top of the page: [WARNING] Something is About to BUST ~ Prophetic Word by Timothy Dixon.

LOL! Welp… that settled it. This was confirmation and going into today’s newsletter. Almost exactly the same words!


I immediately posted the Tim Dixon video in the Prayer Brigade section of our C-VINE Website and Facebook Groups after reviewing. Obviously others received the same revelation.

What the video revealed, was the Lord will preserve His seed. We are to pray without ceasing, and be open to His guidance. Know with faith, you will be safe from the storm as it rages. Always TEST the Spirits to see if they are from the Lord and not one of fear. You will be at peace, and have an inner KNOWING. ~ (it is well worth your time to watch)!

After the deluge of news this last week, the timing is perfect. We are certainly at a precipice.

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What exciting times to be alive at this time in history!

The GREAT AWAKENING is building force and the storm is right on top of us….


~~~ Linda Forsythe

Posted by C-VINE Volunteers