Corona Virus Fears? – Let Us Reason Together Using Discernment

The following is only my humble opinion, but come, let us reason together.

We the People are are having our eyes opened to quite a history of indoctrination of fear and confusion. Misinformation is everywhere. It’s gotten so bad that I don’t even turn on the news much anymore. Confusion has been piled onto us so thick, that many, still don’t know how to understand the difference between truth and fallacy.

The only thing we know for sure, is it’s predictability.

Last week I saw a number of posts on Twitter where people were warning that the pandemic numbers were being exaggerated in China, and to not believe it. Those post disappeared rapidly.

We who are awake, have learned DISCERNMENT. Becoming PROACTIVE vs. REACTIVE. The timing of diversionary news stories in order to make you look away from the real story, has become expected as the norm from the left.

Don’t fall for it…no matter how convincing.

Yes, I have seen the now recent films showing horror stories in China. Are they really true? I don’t know. Are there hundreds of bodies in the streets and people immediately falling over dead? Call me a skeptic, but I doubt it. MSM has been caught in multiple incidences to manufacture news stories, with actors and props. They have been caught red handed and filmed. Could a virus cause that kind of rapid death if true? Sounds more to me like some type of poisoning to act that quickly, if indeed it is even happening at all.

It doesn’t mean there aren’t problems, but DON’T suck into spreading fear! Don’t add to the Cabal virus of evil. Yes, I think this is the Cabal.

C-VINE News certainly isn’t going to be pushed into spreading anything that increases fear and panic from a questionable source. And frankly, the track record for Cabal Success Stories for the latest crisis have been nominal at best. I seriously doubt POTUS et al has been sitting around quietly. We all know, (or should know) he is on top of this. Even if you don’t see it.

We are NOT in the Dark Ages of the Bubonic Plague that wiped out 60% of Europe’s population in 1346 to 1353. Although, there are those that would like to scare people to think that is where we are headed with the Corona Virus.

According to the CDC, there have been 5 cases of Corona Virus confirmed in the US, and the risk of spreading remains low.

But what can you do about it as a safety measure?

We are in the year of 2020 and there are profound differences in the timeline between the Dark Ages and now. History and the differentiation in understanding of how viruses work, plus the over all health of the population at large are stark in contrast to back then.

But let’s not quibble over 700 years of changes… let’s look at the most recent positive changes of the population in general when it comes to surprising findings.

What is the most blatant obstruction to good human health? Big Pharma. Remember what President Trump said; “Follow the Money”.

As a retired nurse back from the stone ages, I have watched quite an evolution of health care.

Not too long ago, there was the everyday head cold derived from a virus that couldn’t be cured, because of continual mutations making it impossible to develop an immunization created for prevention.

But yet in most neighborhood pharmacies now, there are preventative natural health remedies that do very well in stopping a cold of happening in the first place, or in shortening the lifespan dramatically for those of you who use them.

Going to the neighborhood “juicer” will provide you with a shot of wheat grass that does wonders in not only preventing a cold, but shortening it to only a couple of days if you waited too long for treatment. Then there is Echinacea, Vitamin C, Elderberry etc. etc.

It has also been found that cancer has a great deal of difficulty surviving in an alkaline environment. Increasing the body alkaline levels causes noticeable differences in how you feel. Many are theorizing that cancer is actually a fungus that thrives off sugar and there is quite a bit of scientific evidence this could be the case.  Think about the salt water pool where bacteria can’t survive. Bacteria isn’t a fungus, but then the pH level has much to do with how many microscopic lifeforms survive and thrive.

Acupuncture and Chiropractics have been found to be quite effective in curing or minimizing problems where many times surgery or pain medications aren’t necessary .

This article is not meant to be a tutorial on natural health, but it is meant to give a few simplified examples.

Mind, body and spirit… has everything to do with good health.  So does nutrition and exercise. It has long been known that increased circulation and oxygen has much to do with healing.  Many hospitals have Hyperbaric Chambers used for increased healing, although most insurances won’t cover it unless in the most severe of circumstances. But yet, it will reverse cases of near necrosis and heal many anomalies because of focused infusions of oxygen into the tissues.  Many swear it cures cancer.

My advice? Don’t panic, Don’t spread fear. Increase your immunity. Good nutrition is your immunization. Wear a mask if it makes you more comfortable. Wash your hands. Prayer heals. Love each other!

And, I personally would certainly think second if all of a sudden there are immunizations to prevent that latest plague. But, that is just me. By all means choose what you are most comfortable with.

Now that we’ve had this discussion and you aren’t having your attention diverted… where to do think you need to be looking for what they are hiding?

Linda Forsythe is a Volunteer Citizen Journalist. Patriot, Grandma, Reporter of the KSM et al 9/11 Pre-trial Tribunals and Founder of the C-VINE Grassroots Movement.