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Coronavirus: Much Ado About Not Much?

April 1, 2020


Happy April Fools Day!  Is the joke on us? … 

… Only If we chose to believe the MSM and their 24/7 barrage on the Coronavirus. 

Why the bizarre disparity between what the MSM is bombarding us with versus first-hand reports from patriots-become-reporters with boots on the ground?  These patriots have decided to see this for themselves what the scare is all about,  only to hear a pathetic whimper. 

That’s not to say there are no Coronavirus issues – of course there are, but why is the MSM using such exaggerated fear tactics? It’s extremely sad when anyone is overcome by a flu virus, which unfortunately happens every year, around the world.

So why then is this Coronavirus being hyper-focused on and fear-driven, their voices projecting urgency and putting a knot in our stomach?  “Long lines outside the hospitals …”Urgent Care is  overwhelmed …”  “We’re doing our best!” 

Along comes Q:  “Don’t look here – look there”, Q has said numerous times.  So, while the MSM is busy pounding into us the “overwhelming nature of Coronavirus”, other incredible news is truly happening elsewhere.

Children are being rescued, criminals are being apprehended.  Actually, this is to our advantage. The Patriots, President Trump and the Military, are then able to do their serious work unimpeded by an inept press.

The USNS COMFORT is docked at this moment in NYC. Why? It’s there as a safe haven for children being rescued from underground tunnels familiar to, ahem, some of the same MSM peeps that impress you on the nightly news, and actors that charm your socks off. Did we, the public know about these tunnels being used to traffic innocent children? no…

But then again, the MSM is not at all effective in convincing us of  the coronavirus when they are caught using identical photos of “Urgent Care is overwhelmed” – one claiming to be in “Italy”, while also claiming to be in New York City.   ↓  Hello.

The Oops Factor kicks in and their credibility hits the floor but with no 10-second rule for an excuse. It’s too late for that.  We are catching on.

Talk about deliberate deception – either that or total ineptitude.

You decide.  See the video here.

Bonnie Nirgude’
As a citizen journalist and investigative reporter, I am committed to accurately reporting the news. Wide awake, never asleep, I grew up in a 1960’s patriotic household, aware of the truth behind the false narrative.