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D-Day Winning Continues with Trump AND Our Allies

While President Trump was out of the country for 6 days leading “We the People” to victory in our modern times D-Day… Congress was talking Impeachment.

During this 6 day period, POTUS achieved incredible progress toward peace and prosperity, calming the waters where there was contention and making deals with countries who in the past were taking advantage of the United States….

The Stock Marketing is thriving and continues to raise…

On the other side, the do nothing but whine Swamp, continues to argue about a very expensive Mueller investigation they didn’t win and is meting out additional measures to obstruct and delay.

During this 6 day period, Nancy Palosi was making speeches on how she wanted to send a proven innocent President Trump to jail… while POTUS sowed more security for our country with deals in Mexico and Saudi Arabia, plus averting another war.

While President Trump fixed our Illegal Immigration problem and securing our Southern Border… Congress who never lifted a finger to help him or accomplish anything except shut down the government,  managed to VOTE FOR THEIR OWN $4,500.00  PAY RAISE.

During this period, the MSM went out of their way to continue with their Fake News Campaign and not give credit to our President for his historical and significant achievements. What they DID do, was go out of their way to tell the world that London was again flying the blimp of “Baby Trump in Diapers” and how he was being snubbed by some of the royals. (By the way, a loyal Trump supporter took the wind out of that story by promptly popping the blimp).  LOL!

Enough is enough!

  1. Impeach Congress
  2. Drain the Swamp
  3. Turn off MSM

Here is the real story….

Trump is leading the D-Day charge with our Allies and winning a very silent and covert war.  You may not see the fireworks, but you can verify it is happening by the results that quietly pop up every single day.

AND, the people around the world SEE IT, even though MSM continues its indoctrination process of gloom and doom. Those of us paying attention, know better….

Media IGNORES MASSIVE Crowd In London SUPPORTING Trump ~ Gary Franchie from The Next News Network Report

Patriotic London Pub Renamed ‘The Trump Arms’ to honor President. ~ Pub Owner Said He Did it to Let the World Know that London Loves Trump and to Not believe the MSM.

What has been happening since D-Day 6/6/19?

Let’s discuss a few more countries that have been added to our alliance. Saudi Arabia, Japan, AND Mexico! (There will soon be much more).

In our previous report, we showed fact and proof of our Allies working with us from North and South Korea and Russia. The end of the 50+ year war between North and South Korea because of President Trump’s intervention alone was of huge historical significance, Nothing on MSM talking much about it.

Then there is where President Putin passed Trump the Soccer ball to him after the private meeting.  If you want to learn more about this and much more… here is the link to the previous report.

Much was happening during President Trump’s 6 day excursion.  The new, news broke after he returned.

Remember President Trump has said from the beginning that he won’t show his hand in advance and will move with stealth.  MUCH more is happening, but for now I want to center on these three countries.

Saudi Arabia ~ New Strong Alliance ~ What this Means….

It has been said the Saudi’s were in league with the Rothschild’s and Deep State. Some very troubling events have been attributed to them.  BUT there is now a “New Proverbial Sherrif in Town”.

Do you remember the Las Vegas Massacre and the unusual silence for explanations afterwards?  All kinds of conjecture and rumor were running wild.

It appears the real story is the most accurate and came from the following post,

1)Was Las Vegas A Saudi Crown Prince Salman Assassination Attempt? ~ Click here for the real story (Click on the title for direct link):

Within a couple of weeks after this tragedy… the following major activity occurred that received very limited coverage from MSM

2) Crown Prince Salman announces; “Every person, who has engaged in corruption, regardless of their status will be held accountable, provided there is evidence. ~ 

Was this deal a reward for sweeping out corruption and demonstrating excellent behavior of trustworthiness?

SerialBrain2: Japan has joined the Alliance. Welcome aboard Prime Minister Abe!

Let’s Talk About Mexico! Check out these links and tweets from President Trump:

Tariff’s are working! Mexico will need to step up or all the businesses that went to Mexico will start to come back to the United States.

Trump is basically making it more painful for Mexico to NOT do anything about the massive illegal immigration problem. AND Trump will follow through on his word. Serious consequences are on deck if Mexico doesn’t follow through, but it appears they’ve figured out he means what he says.

Mexico Freezes Human Traffickers’ Bank Accounts, Sends National Guard To Border Amid ‘Very Good Discussion’ ~ Click the Link

Trump suspends tariff threat, criticized for immigration deal with Mexico



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