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Day of Prayer for Trump – June 2nd – A Holy Roar Heard Around the World

JUNE 2, 2019

“Today is going to be a day that will go down in history, and it’s going to be there for generations to come. It’s a day that a Holy Roar is heard around the world. Franklin Graham has requested a Day of Prayer today, June 2nd, for President Trump.”

President Trump, who is having spiritual attacks ever since he announced he was running for president – has not stopped, has not ceased –  and it’s been going on every day since he ever even announced he was running for president… President Trump has been fighting for US…for We The People, because he knows that the world is under spiritual attack, and right now, we are definitely in that time when things are coming to a head.”

“While C-Vine Network is not a church…it is filled with patriots who are very much in love with the world, and are in love with the Lord, and in love with our nation, and they want to bring back the Lord into our mist, into our families, into our homes, into our everyday lives.  The United States was built as a nation –  one nation under God; we want to bring that back.”

“We at C-Vine News want to also contribute to this Day of Prayer, for our POTUS, for our President of the United States – for President Trump, and for the United States of America, for our families, for We The People – and for what ultimately is going to make a difference around the world.”  Linda Forsythe

~  Prayer by Lillian Day, on video.


Linda Forsythe – Volunteer Citizen Journalist, News Commentator & Founder of the C-VINE International Foundation.

NOTE: This article was posted by our C-VINE team of volunteer workers, investigative reporters, and citizen journalists, who make certain all information is vetted for accuracy before publishing. C-VINE News is placed in a Foundation, also called a Charitable Trust and is run by, “We the People”.

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