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GITMO Tribunal Rumor Squashing -From C-VINE News – Part 1 of 4

The Rumors are Flying! 

The following series of reports are meant to provide straight facts with proven sources for your review on the following subject matter.
Provided next  here are the Agenda Series and Bullet Points coming up for research and discussion. After the Agenda, we will start with answers to Part 1 below.
New Report in the Series Will Arrive Each Day!


Part 1 in our Rumor Squashing Series: Tribunal Transcript PDF’s Provided at Bottom

  • Who you Can or Can’t Trust in the News – AND – When to Tread with Caution.

Discussion AFTERWARDS will be conducted on our Facebook Group posted under the ANNOUNCEMENTS TAB; “C-VINE International News Network – NEWS TALK – COMMUNITY VOICES

Part 2 in our Rumor Squashing Series: 

  • Who made the Decision to have the Military Tribunals Covered by Alternative Media?
  • What Military Trials are Being Conducted at GITMO right now?
  • How Many TOTAL are Incarcerated at GITMO as of this Date?
  • Can People be Incarcerated at GITMO, Without being Charged?
  • What is Coming? (The BIG Question)

Discussion AFTERWARDS will be conducted on our Facebook Group posted under the ANNOUNCEMENTS TAB; “C-VINE International News Network – NEWS TALK – COMMUNITY VOICES

Part 3 in our Rumor Squashing Series: 

  • What was the Policy in Previous Years about OPEN Tribunals?
  • Why the pre-trial Military Tribunals with KSM et al are of Critical Importance to Watch Closely.
  • What does the Law say NOW about Military Tribunals Remaining OPEN to the Public?
  • Discussion of President Trump’s Executive Order – Amendments to the Manual for Courts – Martial, United States. Why is this Significant?
  • Was There an Order Given for a Closed Hearing to Happen the Next Day after the GITMO Judge had a Medical Emergency? What Was it?

Discussion AFTERWARDS will be conducted on our Facebook Group posted under the ANNOUNCEMENTS TAB; “C-VINE International News Network – NEWS TALK – COMMUNITY VOICES

Part 4 in our Rumor Squashing Series: 

  • You Have More Information Than you Know.
  • What did Julian Assange Say Prior to POTUS election?
  • What has President Trump Said?
  • What has Q said?
  • Will we Not Learn from History This Time? (Repeating Nazi Germany Actions and Heading to a Worse Fate This Time).
  • Do you Already Know the Truth?
We also created YouTube videos to give answers.  Leonard Bacani and I are obvious  novices with  video, (no frills, bells or whistles)… but we are learning. Remember we are coming from a “Grass Roots Movement”. A number of people are volunteering to help us create better footage because of sheer exasperation. LOL!  We ARE trying and should get better with time.
Otherwise you can continue reading BELOW for the same information starting with Part 1…


Who You Can or Can’t Trust in the News – When to Tread With Caution

MSM for the most part is purposely misleading, or diverting away from important events that should be covered for public scrutiny.  Not all… but most. There are some good reports and opinion pieces.  The problem is, it isn’t comprehensive.  Much is missing.
Unfortunately MSM has turned into a powerful Indoctrination Tool meant to turn the public towards a “Biased Liberal Point of View.” and unilaterally owned by Liberal Investors.  Tread with caution. Remember previously trusted sources are used in this indoctrination process. Occasional or subtle liberal biases in a previously Conservative News Outlet should warn you to be aware of possibly being set up. Watch for RED FLAGS.
Alternative News Media is in many cases trustworthy and your best bet for now when it comes to NEWS.
BUT in  some cases, Alternative Media has been inadvertently putting out false information. Most of this isn’t done purposely.  It is so easy to be fooled now… including those investigating  the news to report from Alternative Media. No matter how cautious they are! C-VINE has been also fooled on occasion. We are blazing new trails here.
Some outlets are just plain careless and quick to pull the trigger in order to put out any information or embellish for sensationalism. We at C-VINE have been misquoted like crazy recently, saying we stated some things when we didn’t, but provided as a trusted source. If direct sources, statements of proof or links aren’t provided as to facts… always question veracity.  If an opinion or reprint is conducted… full disclosure and credit to original source should always be provided.
Then there are those who are in the GUISE as Alternative Media but are plants by the Deep State in order to confuse the people. The Deep State is now attacking Alternative Media in order to discredit or bring them down in any way they can.
They use very convincing methods and play on the emotions of We the People. The most convincing are what I like to call, “The Troll in Sheep’s Clothing”. These are very helpful people who subvert, use half truths, divert, hijack threads, sow seeds of dissension, doubt, or despair. They try any method  to make you  look away from the light.
Others are not trolls or Deep State, but entrepreneurs who have excellent ways to draw you in, ultimately to sell you something and gain subscriptions. America is built on Capitalism and of course that should be embraced. But in my personal opinion… some things shouldn’t have to be paid for to learn about. Straight forward selling of products and services or even asking for donations is fine. But again… you make the choice.  Just have your eyes wide open when you make it.
So what  or who do we trust? Trust yourselves and your ability to think, research and discern. We as Patriots MUST be careful! Sorry, but the answer isn’t any simpler than that.
This is the exact reason why C-VINE was created. Patriots working together as a team with research, investigations,  citizen journalism, discussion, debate and then reporting to the public. This is the only way to come close to the truth these days.  We are not a business, corporation, non-profit or special interest group.  We do NOT allow advertising or selling of any type, anywhere on our platform. No one gets rich here or gains power.  This is a platform created for “We the People” and is placed in a Charitable Trust. We the People are in control of what happens here. C-VINE Is a Foundation filled with volunteers from all over the world.
As an FYI… a significant amount of the volunteers surprisingly, are Licensed Private Investigators, Retired Police and Military or practicing attorneys standing at the ready to assist this Patriot Cause. This helps a great deal in making certain that what we say is truthful.
The news may not be as sensationalized as you see elsewhere.  It may even be boring in come cases.  But, it is provided with proof and verifiable source.  We do offer opinions, speculation or findings of research from our members. These are made for us to debate and discuss – never put out as ultimate truth unless verified – but it will always be made clear. Ultimately YOU decide.
As for the posts on the Facebook Group Pages (made for the public as the “Community Voices” part of the C-VINE Acronym) are vetted by volunteer Admins and Moderators, but there is no way to vette every Facebook post from the public as truth.  These are allowed on there as “food for thought” and discussion.  It does NOT mean C-VINE is endorsing all these posts, but giving the public a platform.
BUT,  when you see an article, blog, video or post on the C-VINE.com website and/or shared on social media… that information IS endorsed by us.
Who Else Does C-VINE Endorse as Trusted News?
Words directly stated from President Trump.  Our POTUS may have on occasion, stated some “cringe-worthy” statements, but ultimately if Trump says it…you can take it to the bank that it is truth, at the moment being spoken.  Situations and plans may change because of circumstances, but if Trump says it….you can trust it.  I personally believe he will never let us down and I don’t make that statement lightly.  All of our investigators and members continue to keep an alert status and an eye out nonetheless… but I know of no other President in history that is greater than Trump.
Q and Q+  There may be those of you rolling your eyes right now, but we stand by this assertion.  Our team of investigators who have ACTUALLY TAKEN THE TIME to investigate thoroughly from day 1, agree with this. I am talking about statements directly from Q only, not all the “Anons” or individuals out there attempting to decipher what Q says.  Q, says, “Future Proves Past”.  If you go back after an event has happened… you can see the crumbs left over time by Q have culminated into the final result.  Done in such a way to keep the public engaged by training them to do their own research and guiding them on where to look.  THAT is why Q can be trusted! Q doesn’t report the news, tell you what to think, or make predictions on what is coming.  Q asks the public questions that they need to search out the answers for, OR remain vigilant in watching for the answer to show up.
The greatest in my opinion is when Q guided one year before it happened on what was happening in North Korea. Step by step, we were being guided toward peace.  Anon’s knew 6 weeks before it happened that North Korea would become friends with USA, Nuclear Weapons testing and building would stop and North and South Korea would come together. “Darkness Becomes Light” is a prediction that the bright lights you see from space coming from South Korea will spread to North Korea because of prosperity. (NK is seen as darkness, from space).
ANON’S: Individuals who report on Q and are accurate… are many.  But, there are also a multitude who are shills.  These are changing daily.  Therefore, we at C-VINE for now will give the public a reminder of what Q says, “There is nothing else but Q”, in reference in who to trust in the News. Others giving interpretations should be listened to with interest and discernment. We will at another time, report on who C-VINE endorses as ANON sources as that is a comprehensive undertaking that is fluid and always changing.
Most of us were “spoon-fed” information from a very early age.  We learned from our parents/guardians and later our school teachers and churches, how to act and what to think.  The purpose was to train a child on how to grow and live a productive life.
But somehow over time, things became a twisted and subtle indoctrination process that you were to trust whatever you’re told from authority figures.  Thinking for yourself is not encouraged.
While on one hand, it is very good if the heart of the teacher is coming from a place of love and charity for the child, and they are also well versed on how to lead a good life. Unwarranted trust is a slippery slope that could lead people toward living in tyranny again if the teacher/parent is an unwitting, indoctrinated puppet.
The good news?  We all as a human race were gifted with discernment from birth.  Some more than others.  We inherently know right from wrong, although as children, we must be reminded on what that is.
As an adult… you are free to fully access these gifts. But now in this day and age, we need to do deep self examination and question how much we have been programmed away from doing what is right.
As an adult… you MUST think for yourself and understand that earthly sources of information aren’t always the truth. You no longer need to be spoon fed. God is the only source of truth.  Sit quietly with Him and be guided on your journey’s search.

TUNE IN TOMORROW FOR: Part 2 in our Rumor Squashing Series: 

  • Who made the Decision to have the Military Tribunals Covered by Alternative Media?
  • What Military Trials are Being Conducted at GITMO right now?
  • How Many TOTAL are Incarcerated at GITMO as of this Date?
  • Can People be Incarcerated at GITMO, Without being Charged?
  • What is Coming? (The BIG Question)
Transcripts for Military Tribunal KSM et al January 28 and 29th, 2019 :  

Linda Forsythe – Volunteer Citizen Journalist, News Commentator & Founder of the C-VINE International Foundation.

This rapidly growing, grass-roots effort is exciting to watch as Patriots join together to MAGA.


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