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GTMO ~ Camp Justice, Pre-Trial Report June 19-23, 2023 for USS Cole Bombing Held in GTMO

June 24, 2023

Following is an updated report on this month’s Military proceedings in GTMO ~ June 19 to 23rd.

C-VINE doesn’t have any volunteers at present in the Ft. Meade viewing room taking notes on the LIVE CCTV transmissions from GTMO… so we are providing an eye-witness report via tweets from Carol Rosenberg of the New York Times. Carol is physically in GTMO reporting on the USS Cole Bombing proceedings that happened on October 12, 2000. (23 years ago) and remain in Pre-Trial Status.  The accused is Saudi citizen Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri. You may read about the USS Cole Bombing description account HERE.

The attached video is of Linda Forsythe reading and displaying the Carol Rosenberg Tweet of the proceedings this last week.

Note: At present, the only approved reporters in GTMO are from Main Stream Media. BUT… the public has access to watch these same exact LIVE proceedings (with a 40 second delay) that Carol can see, in a special viewing room on Ft. Meade. You may view court transcripts, list of detainees, judges, rulings, calendars, where the viewing rooms are, and everything “GTMO” in the following Office of Military Commissions Link: https://www.mc.mil/home.aspx

~~~ Linda Forsythe

Carol Rosenberg ~ TWEETS can be seen on Twitter at https://twitter.com/carolrosenberg

The Office of Military Commissions Website that contains trial transcripts, list of detainees and everything “GTMO” can be viewed here: https://www.mc.mil/home.aspx