GTMO Military Tribunals Starting Again in July

June 17, 2021


Things are heating up for the Office of Military Commissions. Tribunals are starting up again after over a year of postponements and GTMO running at minimal capacity, because of COVID since March of 2020.

To see the scheduled hearings at GTMO, please go to the following link:

For planning purposes, hearings are scheduled for the following dates…

* 13 & 14 JUL in the Hadi case.

* 27 & 28 JUL in the Khan case.

* 30 AUG in the Nurjaman et al (aka JI or Bali bombing) case. This is a one-day arraignment.

* 6-17 SEP & 1-19 NOV in the KSM et al (aka 9/11) case.

* 20 SEP – 1 OCT & 6-17 DEC in the Nashiri (aka USS Cole) case.

This is an evolving story,  so check back frequently for updates.

Posted by C-VINE Volunteers