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GTMO/Silent Running ~ Part I (The Hunt for REAL Evidence & Prisoners)

January 7, 2022

What is REALLY Happening in the Guantanamo Bay Military Base? It wasn’t until former President Trump opened up the GTMO trials to the public in January 2019 (on some military bases via CCTV), most people didn’t really know what was going on.

That is where C-VINE came in and we watched every single KSM et al (9/11) Open Proceeding in 2019 and the final in January 2020… which was the last one before COVID shutdown. What an eye-opener! For those of you who are new here… KSM et al, stands for Khalid Sheik Muhammad (the alleged 9/11 Mastermind) and the others.  There are 5 terrorists being tried at the same time.

The latest news as of this posting is that the KSM et al 9/11 trials were canceled again this first month in 2022, because of a new “uptick in COVID”. (Previously scheduled to start on January 10th). Before Christmas, the Judge for the Hadi trial quit. (the trial for USS Cole Bombing was postponed & supposed to run this week). These are just the latest in the on-going saga, of never managing to get anything done.

In fact, the last 20 YEARS have shown unending excuses and reasons for the canceling or postponements for proceedings. It is mind boggling the monumental amount of coincidences, bad luck, or happenstance. What is even more incredible is that all the coincidences are provable.

But let’s be real… at what point do over 20 YEARS of almost monthly coincidences for delays in at least one of the GTMO proceedings become a mathematical impossibility?

There are exceptions for on-going scrutiny from the beginning… and these came from legal teams, law students, victims and family members of 9/11. Very occasionally after the first couple years, a story would pop up here and there from MSM. Interestingly enough, it is some of the victims and family members (with their attorneys) who have been quite busy behind the scenes exposing developments and fighting to declassify pertinent documents.

But Politics, and “National Security” issues continue to keep much in the shadows. IMHO… overly so. There isn’t enough transparency.

Concerns are being voiced that excuses for maintaining National Security are being abused and used as a smoke screen. By all means National Security is important… but there is a serious lack of consistency and accountability.

If National Security is such an issue… why release hundreds of AUMF detainees (authorized use of military force) who many times went right back into al Qaeda and terrorism exploits?

Why did Obama try to close GTMO? Why is Biden now taking up the mantle and trying to close GTMO. Why is MSM pushing to close GTMO?

The only question should be is; “Where is the Justice”?

WHO are the Saudi authorities named as being ultimately responsible for 9/11 after 20 years? WHY aren’t THEY in GTMO?

It seems to me that the revelation of these Saudi Authorities would certainly be in the best interest of our National Security. Why did then Attorney General Barr, continue to keep these names sealed?

It then begs the question of how much of a sham are these KSM et al Pre-trials?

These questions in and of themselves, demonstrates the importance of “We the People” keeping close scrutiny on the happenings in our government and holding them accountable to following our US Constitution.

That being said, the laws or EO’s that were put into place since the opening of GTMO by former Presidents before Trump, have much to do with creating trials that never end. And in the case of KSM et al… the PRE-TRIALS that never end. It has yet to even make it to trial after 20 years.

The public is beginning to see what is really going on, and coming to the realization that the justice system appears to be non-functional. So, We the People of the United States of America are rolling up our sleeves… and the hunt is ON for the REAL terror evidence and prisoners.

~~~ Linda Forsythe

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~~~ Linda Forsythe


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