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What Really Happened in DC on January 6 2021? You Decide With Your Own Eyes

January 6, 2022

C-VINE Produced a Documentary One Year Ago of January 6, 2021… filmed LIVE at the Time. This video was created by our volunteers as a gift to We the People… as a labor of love.

The Anniversary of January 6, RALLY in Washington DC is here!

C-VINE had a number of volunteers filming footage with their phones from a multitude of varied angles last year. Two of our volunteers had Press Passes that allowed C-VINE to report on the event. (Leonard Bacani and Valli Dawn Hart).

Another group of volunteers pieced together all the footage with verified timestamps and coordinated with what Leonard and Valli reported on to produce this comprehensive, well done visual.

This piece was posted on our YouTube Channel last year and was also viewed by the FBI when Leonard was questioned. They verified we were allowed to report on this event and the attached piece quickly received over 130,000 views. Then YouTube took it down.

We then uploaded the attached video to our new channel on Rumble that has very few followers, so this effectively caused our documentary to become suppressed it again.

I highly recommend you watch closely now and download IF you can… while you can. The truth is being eradicated and history rewritten by slow walking justice. Just today, “VP” Kamala Harris stated publicly an egregious lie that the January 6 “Insurrection” was on the same scale as the 9/11 Terror Attacks and Pearl Harbor. If you won’t speak up, maybe your children will someday.  Give them something they MUST remember. GIVE THEM Documented PROOF…

~~~ Linda Forsythe


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