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Commentary ~ Was Building 7 Collapse on 911 Without Being Hit by Aircraft a Demolition Project?

September 15, 2022

Forensic Analysis Completed by University of Alaska.

Professor Leroy Hulsey and a team of Engineers were commissioned to do a forensic analysis on the free-fall collapse of Building 7 that came down in it’s own footprint on 9/11/2001.

The research for the forensic analysis of Building 7 happened over a period of 4 years at the University of Alaska.
WTC 7 had collapsed into a free fall on 9/11/2001, even though there were no aircraft that hit the structure. The shape was a “Unique irregular trapezoidal building” (Designed by Emery Roth and Sons).
September 11, 2022 was the 21st Anniversary of 911,  and We the People still don’t have justice. In fact the KSM et al (911) Pre-Trials in GTMO still haven’t made it to trial. They remain in Pre-trials, 21 years after the 2001 terror attacks.
After all these years, there is still no transparency about answers to critical questions.
As it stands at the moment, there is a Plea Deal negotiation happening with the 9/11 Pre-Trials to close the case because of too many unsolvable idiosyncrasies. If a Plea Deal is reached, then a number of questions will go unanswered because of closed sessions for National Security.
The questions being argued about in Closed Sessions are having to do with the collapse of Building 7 and will never be made public.
Professor Hulsey shares his personal opinion today based on the Univerity of Alaska Building 7 Forensic Analysis in a casual discussion with Linda Forsythe. See attached video.
You can view the Univerity of Alaska technical analysis of Building 7 created for the Engineer HERE.

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