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I Was Shocked to Learn the History of a C-VINE Volunteer! (From the Desk of Linda Forsythe)

October 4, 2022

Lurk & Listen to yesterday’s C-VINE Volunteer Meeting and watch how the inner workings of We the People are joining together for truth.

It is amazing to me the Caliber of the people who are joining and working side by side with each other. It’s almost like envisioning a glimpse of what America was like in the beginning. Everyone rolling up their sleeves and working for the good of the whole.
Retired Police Officers, Licensed Investigators, Firemen, Truck Drivers, Internet Technology Analysts, Architects, Engineers, Accountants, University Professors, Film Producers, Best Selling Authors, Graphic Designers  Stay at Home Moms and Quilt Makers are in charge of our main teams.
Each has a talent, gift, or experience to contribute.
And then I found out yesterday that one of the volunteers was actually the original innovator of Windows 1 and regularly writes algorithms as a hobby completely away from his normal activities. LOL! >>sheesh<<
They all know what is coming. And we are blazing new trails without a map and in unfamiliar terrain… just like our forefathers before us.
It is fascinating to watch!
I also bring everyone up to date each week about what is happening at GTMO and the 9/11 proceedings. That part isn’t pretty at the moment, but we are keeping an eye on it.
Remember C-VINE is a Charitable Trust and NO ONE is getting paid. There are NO advertisers. NO products to sell. We function by the sweat equity of the volunteers, and the financial generosity of our members. (Small Monthly or One Time Larger Donations).
If you want to join in some type of capacity, we will welcome you with open arms as friends and family to re-build our mutual homes. 🇺🇸
Transparency about the inner workings of C-VINE is key.
Enjoy watching our meeting video!
~~~ Linda Forsythe

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