Is it “School”? Prison? You Decide!

May 28, 2020
C-Vine Vetted for Accuracy

What on God’s Green Earth are They Doing to Our Children?!

Yes, It’s come to this. The least vulnerable of our population is mandated to wear masks, meanwhile, in ill-equipped nursing homes and elder care facilities everywhere, our MOST vulnerable population is being endangered by incoming CCP Virus patients!  Who knows what charts or data have the correct totals, but, one thing all charts seem to agree on – children are not at risk!

It’s like Alice in Wonderland here in America!  Every…single…day this insanity goes on!! This return to school “plan” sounds just like a prison protocol to me!  If anyone, shouldn’t it be the teachers that wear the masks if they wish to feel ‘safer’?!

Forget my opinion that your body is not meant to breathe your own exhaust. Countless MDs are on record in TV interviews, YouTubes, and Facebook “Lives”…telling us that we are not designed to function behind masks this way! Even the CDC has waffled, again, on their “guidance“, stating that masks are meant for Doctors, and also for the sick to wear…to protect the healthy!!

Are we really going to go to these crazy extremes?  What kind of message does this send to our kids…who look to us for clues as to when they’re safe and when they’re not?! 

Are our children and grandchildren going to come home wearing circus balloons on their heads… encouraging them to maintain “social distance”?! You think I’m kidding, don’t you.  Check par for this carnival course for yourself below. Then consider the merits of either; A) Running for local office, or, B) Considering home schooling until the madness ends.

The children of this country are the future of this country! Teach them now about tyrannical rule! 

~Opinion Kris Harper

LA County Rolls out Plan for Reopening Schools: Children to Wear Masks at All Times

May 27, 2020
By GQ Pan ~ Epoch Times

Students in Los Angeles County, California, will be required to wear protective masks at all times when they return to their classrooms, according to a reopening plan released Wednesday.

The 45-page guidelines prepared by the task force on reopening the county’s 80 school districts recommend a host of restrictive practices that aim to maintain social distancing and minimize group interactions. These severe measures include a limit of 16 students per classroom, one-way hallways, staggered use of restrooms and playgrounds, and mandatory face coverings for everyone at all times.

“Our main priority is health and safety,” Dr. Debra Duardo, superintendent for Los Angeles County Office of Education, said in a video introducing the guidelines. “Unfortunately some of the things that children could enjoy in the past, they’re not going to able to do that.”

Under the guidelines, students must go through screenings before boarding school buses and eat meals at their desks—which are kept six feet apart—instead of sitting together in a crowded cafeteria.

With staggered arrival, dismissal, and recess schedules, the students’ day-to-day routines would also be greatly different from what they’re used to. Some students might spend half of the day in socially distanced classrooms and continue the other half at home taking online classes.

“We are going to ensure that we do everything possible to maintain safety and a strong educational program,” said Duardo. “This is just the beginning. We plan to continue this work through the summer to support schools as they prepare to welcome families back—virtually or in-person—this fall.”

The Los Angeles Unified School District closed down its school systems on March 13 and said they will remain closed for the rest of the 2019-2020 school year. About 1.5 million students are enrolled in those schools.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom, who has urged that schools remain closed for the rest of the academic year, said earlier this month that he expected to see many schools, if not all, in his state reopen in the fall. “I think some schools will not be, many schools will be,” Newsom said, referring to whether schools in California will reopen by the fall.

“And it’s all conditioned on our ability to not only keep our children safe but to keep staff and faculty safe and to keep the community safe,” the Democratic governor told CNN. “There’s nuance. But we are moving forward, in hope and expectation that we can start that school year very strategically and methodically, again, based upon the health as a prime frame of reference in terms of those decisions.”

California is currently in phase 2 of Newsom’s 4-phased reopening plan, which means that businesses deemed lower risk will be allowed to reopen. Those businesses include some stores that sell merchandise like clothing, sporting equipment, flowers, and books. Schools are not included under phase 2.

Kris Harper for C-Vine News~
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