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Juan O Savin ~ The CABAL’S Last-Ditch Efforts

June 19, 2021 New video from Juan O Savin outlining the cabal’s efforts to control us to date. Predicts the next couple of weeks will be rewarding for America!

Some highlights covered:

  • Unelected experts lied and people died
  • Cabal is following a well conceived plot planned over decades
  • Multi-front, multi-tiered attack on America and the world
  • Globalists want to rule over us, control us financially, and control healthcare, control the media, censor us
  • Purpose: Depopulation to a more manageable size – Agenda 21, Agenda 2030.
  • Method: Fast spreading virus and experimental “vaccines” in name only / booster jabs.
  • Forcing a “vaccine” on anyone is against the law!


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