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Juan O’Savin Gives a Wake Up Call that Must be Heard

May 27, 2021

Not Comfortable to Hear, But It NEEDED to be Said….

My opinion response here, is to the attached video. Therefore, you may want to watch before reading further.

Why? Because with everything going on… people are not using even a remote amount of deductive reasoning to deduce an end result, IF our pathway isn’t altered.

Most people are complacent and in denial… albeit disgruntled and uneasy.

Either way…the Cabal knows exactly how the people will react, because it’s been clearly demonstrated during our “test”.

Remember during WWII, there were pockets of resistance in Germany. But, it was too little, too late.

All it took back then,  was the people knowing their means of survival or comfort would have been removed, if they didn’t fall into line. Loss of job. Loss of home. Attacks from their neighbors. Arrests from the Police or SS. Loss of food. Loss of income. Loss of freedom. Children removed from their homes. Medical experiments. Done subtly in the beginning while they demonized various sections of society.~ until the prison gates ultimately slammed shut.

In the meantime, they were kept pacified and taken care of if they towed the line. This allowed the Nazis time to put other things in place or carry out the Deathcamps.

The new Elites won’t be stupid enough to blatantly do the same thing, but the rulebook stays the same. Just read the book, “Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinsky. See any parallels?

This time they globally have infiltrated ALL what used to be trusted, in order to attack from within.

We’ve as society demonstrated yet again what we will do as we watch it happen. History repeating itself while elites try to remove or change history so we won’t learn from it.

Goalposts are being moved further down the road in ALL things…  Inch, by inch, by inch.

In the meantime, our borders are being flooded with illegals, two generations have been indoctrinated in schools and peer pressure solidifying it. Narcissistic behavior is normalized. The need for comfort is top priority to most. Religion and worship minimized. Socialism has already set the stage for global control. The EXCUSE of a questionable plague has encouraged 50% of the US to inoculate themselves with poison that still won’t protect them, but sterilize and lower resistance to various diseases.

All came with warnings… but not heeded because people will believe what they are told by wolves in sheep clothing. The easier path was chosen… (for a short while).

Another case in point ~ it has been 20 years since the 9/11 terror attacks,  and the KSM et al tribunals STILL haven’t gone to trial. We remain in pre-trials. The military courts have been incredible about moving the goal posts of justice down the road, bit by bit. Each reason was an excellent excuse. The people complained a little, but ultimately didn’t DO anything (except file lawsuits and court cases). And most of us at least suspect the real issues aren’t even being addressed. Still nothing

Fast forward to election integrity and audits. How might a similar rulebook be applied? A PROVEN stolen election will result in endless appeals, excuses and diversions. YEARS of it.

In the meantime,  we stay at home in comfort having basic needs met, while our businesses are destroyed and ways to support ourselves, removed. We can only buy now from large corporations. Soon, we won’t be able to buy from those if we don’t tow the line such as receiving the vaccine.

Next our guns and ways to protect ourselves will also be removed. Ask Australia and other countries how that happened. Subtly and over time. They tested the waters and if too much of an uprising happened… they shelved the plan until the people were ripe.

We are being restrained, pacified and herded… just like animals in a zoo, or cattle in a barn. We have already been turned into a commodity for the elite few who control us. It’s just been happening silently for quite some time. Soon the cattle will go to market on a large scale.

Until we STOP and take a hard look around about where we ARE… this path forward will culminate in an unfortunate scenario. SOON.

People are not rising up in unison and taking back the control being stolen from them and THAT is what it will take.

Prepare yourself for a period of time that will force people to WANT to change. Instead of listening to words that will pacify them.

What exactly will it take to wake up the WORLD?

You already know the answer. Just because something is “Biblical”…doesn’t mean it will be comfortable. Something has to be painful and intolerable, before significant change can happen with most people. Just like the alcoholic who has to hit rock bottom.

Figure out the chain of events already set into play, and you will have an idea the sequence of what is coming.

Will we win in the end? Yes. Will there be 1000 years of peace? Yes. Does the picture look beautiful on the other side of the struggle? Yes.

But remember, Jesus even asked us a couple thousand years ago, if He would find faith upon returning…

8 I tell you that he will avenge them speedily. Nevertheless when the Son of man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth?

Prepare yourselves, because faith will be required of you. Faith in action. Faith in what you cannot see physically.  Because all else is idol worship if it isn’t having faith in the one true God. Know your needs will be met, even if you don’t know how.

Hebrews 11: 1

 “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”