Mark Meadows: How the Media Gaslights the Public on FISA Report

December 9, 2019

What is GASLIGHTING?  A psychological definition of gaslighting is an increasing frequency of systematically withholding factual information and/or providing false information – and seeks to sow seeds of doubt – having the gradual effect of confusion, causing others to be less able to trust their own memory and perception. 

...And so, the gaslighting begins with this from the Associated Press:  BREAKING: Russia probe report finds no evidence of political bias, despite performance failures, per summary obtained by AP.”

“No evidence”.  Gaslighting.

Below is a Twitter thread of Mark Meadows to help you understand what the heck is going on with today’s FISA Report revelations:

The spin begins. The public is about to see what these “performance failures” were.


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I see James Comey has a victory lap op-ed out, making it clear he didn’t read the report. Which is at least consistent with his management style of apparently not reading FISA applications.

There is more we’ll continue sharing. Bottom line: this report confirms what we’ve been saying. There was significant abuse all over the FBI’s efforts to investigate the Trump campaign.

Another IG report nugget: as we suspected, FBI kept using Chris Steele even after he was terminated for cause. Bruce Ohr met with the FBI 13 times (!) to pass along information he had been given by Steele, who had been fired.

Page 64. Andy McCabe kept Peter Strzok on the Crossfire Hurricane team, despite warnings. IG says there were even times Strzok (and Lisa Page) evidently by-passed chain of command to advise specifically McCabe about case related information. Red flag.

Page 289: Peter Strzok lied to the OIG? Strzok said he “didn’t know whether Bruce Ohr kept meeting with Steele after Steele was terminated.” But Strzok’s handwritten notes show he got updates on 12/12/16, 12/20/16, and 1/23/17 regarding Ohr and Steele’s ongoing communications !