Opinion ~ A Quiet Mutiny at GTMO?

June 5, 2024

The Fog of War has a Way of Causing Those in Battle, to Miss Critical Elements, Happening in Front of Them.

Situational Awareness becomes dulled and movements slow down.

We can’t see clearly, and may miss positive forward movements of winning!

We are tired and demoralized because of sifting through mountains of trash, looking for tiny morsels of information.

The problem is we are looking for things to happen in the way WE expect them to, and many times in the wrong direction.

So, with these diversions, we miss the answers in front of us.

We desperately spend time on social media searching to be spoonfed any news information that will make us feel better.

When you’re that hungry for information, you’re vulnerable to eat anything.

This is a “Quiet War”…. Remember? A war where attacks are subtle.

Therefore, we have to focus carefully on the QUIET battles being won. But, that means we will have to pay attention.

Here are a few winning points to consider about the 9/11 happenings in GTMO…

1) Obama and Biden have been trying to close GTMO down for years, but haven’t been able. Why?

2) Trump stated (in 2018), he wants to “keep GTMO open for a bunch of bad guys”. Why would he say that, if there wasn’t a plan?

3) Have you read the Canestraro Report? (leaked from an Office of Military Commissions Defense Investigator to the Florida Bulldog).
The report is remarkable for its accounts supporting the veracity of long public, yet highly disturbing allegations that top CIA officials, including Director George Tenet, intentionally withheld vital intelligence from the FBI that might have prevented the Sept. 11, 2001 al Qaeda attacks on New York and Washington.

I will provide the link to the report in the comments, (or search the reports for yourself from The Florida Bulldog).

4) 3,700 Architects and Engineers peer reviewed Professor Leroy Hulsey’s (emeritus) 4 year Study and Forensic Analysis conducted at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. The study was about the Building 7 collapse into a free-fall, which vehimately disputed the accuracy of the NIST report. Professor Hulsey and those who peer reviewed the study, say the Building 7 collapse, is the proverbial smoking gun for the real reason why the twin towers collapsed.

5) The history of Presiding Judges, either suddenly retiring or recusing themselves from the KSM et al pre-trials since 2019, is telling. Especially when over half that time was used in looking for replacements, conducting a voir dire, bringing a new judge up to speed on a complicated 5 defendant Capital Case (Now 4) and extended trial reschedules or suspensions because of the pandemic starting in March 2020. And then there is the timing of plea deals to potentially dismiss the case and/or take Capital punishment off the table. Yes, there was always a good reason or excuse. The problem begins, when these excuses are habitual and excessive. Either way it is something to take note of.

Observe each small point beginning  to materialize, and recognize it is a critical piece to the puzzle.

We are noticing more, because the fog is beginning to clear from the continual vestiges of drama, fear and diversions.

Hopefully my words will suggest a redirection of what you observe and connect those missing puzzle pieces.

The light is shining in the recesses of the dark hidden corners where much has been lurking.

A final picture is coming into focus.

Lift up your head, as exposure is nigh. You won’t need to be told, as it is there to observe for yourself.

You have all you need.

~~~ Linda Forsythe

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