OPINION~ Musings on Potential Reasons the Pandemic Happened & GTMO Diversions

September 24, 2023

Because of recent GTMO updates, following is something else to consider as to why the pandemic/lockdown and other screaming diversions happened…

The January 2020 KSM et al (9/11) GTMO proceeding, laid out a laundry list of illicit, illegal behaviors conducted over the years by the FBI/CIA.

On the record, in Open Court.

The KSM et al Defense team was demonstrating to the court, the reasons why there could not be forward movement, until these issues were addressed. Every attempt was thwarted in the past.

For years.

At the end of that January 2020 proceeding… Judge Shane Cohen (at the time) made the statement on the record, that he would now have to make a very difficult decision as to if the entire 9/11 case should be thrown out of court. It was his closing statement.

Two weeks later Judge Cohen announced his retirement. Three weeks after that in March 2020, the lockdowns happened and GTMO proceedings were incrementally canceled for years.

Upon return, the Learned Defense Council Cheryl Bormann was advised she was being placed under investigation. No public reason announced. (Note: it was Cheryl’s team that laid out the years of FBI/CIA indiscretions in Jan. 2020).

Cheryl announced she was quiting because of not being able to effectively defend her client with a cloud of an investigation hanging over her head. KSM et al then went into Plea Deal and negotiations began happening behind closed doors beyond public purview.

This September 2023, was the first KSM et al proceeding since all this went down. The new Judge (McCall) ruled that one of the 5 KSM et al defendants was deemed not mentally fit for prosecution.

By the way, Judge McCall announced he also would be retiring in April of 2024.

To this day… the issues in the January 2020 proceeding have NEVER been addressed, ruled upon or even brought up. Nothing. Nada. Crickets.

Recently, the Canestraro Report leaked by the Office of Military Commissions Defense Investigator, gave damning evidence against the CIA/FBI, included with a list of credible witnesses. Information released in that report was in addition to the January 2020 proceeding. Report was published by the Florida Bulldog.

There is MUCH more to all it, but my ultimate point is this…

Look to the KSM et al 9/11 PRE-TRIALS that have never made it to tribunal after well over 20 years. There-in I suspect you will find a cesspool containing multiple smoking guns as to why all these diversions have been happening.

This is just the opinion of one little citizen journalist who has been following KSM et al proceedings closely since January 2019. President Trump opened these 9/11 proceedings up to public scrutiny in Ft. Meade, FOR A REASON.

~~~ Linda Forsythe