OPINION ~ “Gobbler” Gavin Newsome Conducting ‘Turkey Tracing” for Clues on Who isn’t in Compliance

Governor Newsom of California, said the following on the morning of November 20th;

“This weekend we start collecting all turkeys in excess of 10lbs from area grocers. This will limit group sizes in the name of safety.
We also will obtain records of prior sales for bird-tracing to locate addresses as potential gathering spots.”

It is apparent that Governor Newsome doesn’t seem to realize that so far… 4 Sherriffs have publicly refused to answers calls reporting non-compliance.

But, Newsome did recently attend a large gathering with friends and family inside a restaurant to dine, without anyone in the party wearing a mask or social distancing. (Caught on film by an aspiring photographer).

Most of “We the People” in California can see the biggest Turkey in the attached picture. (Maybe it would be safest for Gavin to self quarantine)?

May everyone have a blessed Thanksgiving and enjoy your time with family, friends and loved ones. We have much to be thankful for. ❤

Happy Thanksgiving from All of Us at C-VINE 


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