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OPINION: Moving From a Mindset of Grief Into the Peace that Passes All Understanding

September 18, 2022

 How did Job become victorious
over his grief due to such great losses?

C-VINE Patriot Prayer Brigade
September 18, 2022

Grief…what do you think of when you hear the word, grief?  Does it take you back to a memory which seemed too great to overcome?  How did you work through it?  How did you deal with grief?

In this week’s C-VINE Home Bible Study, we learn of the challenges in the life of Job. This book of the Bible, Job, shares the struggles of his losses of wealth, of his health, the accusations from his friends, and the death of his 10 children. Job’s grief, the depression and yes, even him wishing he’d never been born, was pain and mental anguish just too great to bear! Many of us can relate in some form of another.

The Bible says Job lived a prosperous life after such devastation and significant loss… but how?  What did he do to move beyond his grief, and into a full life?  

He did ONE specific thing. Let’s look into the life of Job and seek it out together. 


Opinion Article Posted by: JoLynn Live

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