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OPINION ~ Nashville RV Plays 30 Minute Warning Before Explosion Christmas Morning

December 25, 2020

Is this a warning for what is to come, when in the future, there will be no warning? Head’s UP America? Three other incidents in other places today.


A witness said a loud audio warning played from the RV conducting a countdown 30 minutes before the explosion saying the RV had a bomb ready to go off… 30 minutes before it did.

The audio then changed 15 minutes later warning of an explosion in 15 minutes,  and then counting down, minute by minute.

The witness then drove quickly out of the area before bomb exploded,  decimating the apartment building front they lived in across the street from the RV.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WTVF) — The FBI has taken the lead in the investigation into a large explosion from an RV in downtown Nashville early Friday morning that caused massive damage and injured three people.

The blast was felt across much of Davidson County around 6:30 a.m. Metro police said the explosion has been linked to a vehicle outside 166 Second Avenue N., the location of an AT&T data center downtown.

Metro police said there is no other imminent danger to the public, but out of precaution K-9s are sweeping the area.

During a morning press conference, Metro police said they believe the explosion was an “intentional act.” Federal agents say the bureau has not yet determined the motive or if the explosion was in fact intentional. The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation is also assisting with K-9s.

The FBI opened an online tip line for anyone who may have information on the explosion. Agents said anyone with information can also call 1-800-CALL-FBI.

Metro police spokesman Don Aaron said police received a report of a suspicious vehicle outside of the AT&T transmission building and upon investigating the report, officers called the hazardous devices unit. The vehicle was playing a warning message for anyone in the area to evacuate, police said. Officers then went door-to-door to evacuate the area.

About an hour after the report of a suspicious vehicle, the vehicle exploded.

Witnesses told investigators they heard gunshots early in the morning and a message coming from an RV parked in the street warning anyone in the area to evacuate before beginning to count down to an explosion. Police have confirmed that the RV was broadcasting a message. Video posted to YouTube appears to capture the reported warning message seconds before the blast. Warning, some may find the below video disturbing:

Three people have been taken to the hospital, but officials say none of the injuries have been reported as critical. Metro police said an officer suffered hearing loss from the explosion, but the department is hoping the hearing loss is only temporary.

Traffic to the downtown area has been restricted on Friday morning. An Emergency Operations Center has been activated in response to the explosion.

Nashville firefighters have asked everyone in the area to move at least two blocks away due to concerns about any possible other explosions.

WeGo Public Transit said it will suspend all bus service at 11 a.m. and will close WeGo Central as a precaution.

Heavy smoke and damage were seen in the Second Avenue area. Police said debris from the blast was found near the old Metro Courthouse and near the downtown pedestrian bridge.

Photos: Explosion in downtown Nashville causes heavy smoke, damage

The deputy assistant to President Donald Trump said the president has been briefed on the explosion.

Gov. Bill Lee and Nashville Mayor John Cooper have released statements in response to the explosion.

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