OPINION ~ The Biggest Danger the World Faces Right Now

by Brian Cates

It’s Not Who or What You You’ve Been Told It Is…

You need stop worrying about the guy on the left and start finding out about the guy on the right.

When I was growing up as a child in Texas, it was commonly believed that the biggest threat the world faced was an exchange of ballistic missiles between nuclear powers. I dimly remember the ‘duck under the desk’ drills we did in Texas public schools when I was in kindergarten and the first few grades of elementary school back in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s.

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Much as with the stupid cloth mask wearing mandates we’ve contended with the for the past two years, the state and federal policy makers have settled on useless gestures that make people ‘feel’ safer even if these measures actually provide no real benefit.

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While duck and cover drills in American schools didn’t actively physically harm the students, plenty of scientific studies have proven that prolonged use of a cloth mask actually does cause real harm to the child wearing it.

The changing world landscape of the past 50 years has shifted from nuclear threats to biological ones, from ballistic missiles to designed viruses utilized as bioweapons against targeted populations. Where in the 1950’s kids were taught nuclear annihilation was ominously hiding just over the horizon, currently there is a psychological operation underway to convince them that an invisible virus will wipe out most of mankind, unless they rush to get vaccinated against it.

The current push to get everyone on the planet vaccinated has suspiciously turned out to be directly related to all the deliberate mystery surrounding the origins of the virus that caused the recent pandemic.

The COVID-19 virus was the result of gain-of-function experimentation, something that the entire medical and scientific bureaucracy charged with learning of the virus’ origins and how to successfully combat it tried to hide, deny and cover up. And while this strange activity was going on, early treatment of the virus was being discouraged, even to the point of massive censorship of frontline doctors.

For a long time, the assertion that the virus was deliberately created and then deliberately released by some nefarious group, in order to drive a worldwide vaccination and control campaign was dismissed as a crazy conspiracy theory.

You could certainly believe with little trouble that power-hungry government bureaucrats seized upon the opportunity of a random natural virus pandemic to greatly expand their powers over the citizenry.

Spectre and Blofeld, the Villain Bond Can't Quit - #Bond_age_

You could reject the idea that some shadowy group of villains in a SPECTRE-like syndicate right out of a James Bond movie was working behind the scenes somewhere concocting the virus and then deliberately unleashing it to bring about the societal changes they desired to see.

But what if the virus was designed? And what if the people behind it’s designing did deliberately inflict it on the world so as to advance some nefarious agenda?

Well, if true, two things would be evident:

  1. Because the virus escaping wasn’t an accident, they wouldn’t stop what they were doing in the biolabs they controlled. They would keep right on doing the same kinds of gain-of-function experimentation on new biological agents
  2. Having done it once, nothing would prevent them from planning to do it again.

The fast emergence of the Omicron C19 variant dramatically changed the international picture, as it spurred most of the planet on to herd immunity due to it’s rapid spread.

To fully make use of the pandemic for their ‘Great Reset’, the hypothetical villain group would need lockdowns, mandates and vaccine regimes to continue for at least 5 years. That’s why Omicron was such a setback for those hoping to exploit the viral pandemic for their own grand social engineering projects.

Well as it turns out, there is such a group in existence and it’s leader did indeed boast that the pandemic presented them with a wonderful opportunity to ‘reset’ the entire world.

The Great Reset, il futuro prossimo. Come la crisi del ...

Meet Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum, if you haven’t heard about him already. Most people have not. Which is a problem.

Because it’s Schwab and his WEF that are the biggest threat to the world right now, and not nuclear weapons or economic collapse. Because I have reason to believe that Schwab and his billionaire cabal create and shape world catastrophes in order to advance their agenda for the planet.

Not as creepy looking as the James Bond movie version, but this is a real-life SPECTRE you are looking at

The biggest danger to the security of a nation’s citizens in the modern age is NOT a military invasion by an army of foreign soldiers. It’s an infiltration of their government by an army of foreign and domestic billionaires sending handpicked soulless bureaucrats to get control of key offices in their nation’s capital. And when they’re done infiltrating and getting control of a country’s government, they move to take over the military and the major news media outlets as well.

None of this government-buying or string-pulling is done out in the open, of course. It’s all accomplished behind the scenes, from the shadows, which is why I sometimes refer to this group as The Shadow Cabal.

Things like national boundaries and national constitutions just get in the way when you’re in a hurry to save the world.

At least, that’s the cover story this billionaire’s cabal claims when their machinations are forced out into the open.

Anything hampering or impeding Klaus Schwab’s or Bill Gates’ or George Soros’ noble quest to save the world from Climate Change must be ruthlessly crushed for the greater good, you see. You’ve just spent the past two months watching just such a scenario unfold in Canada, where Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for all practical purposes shit-canned the country’s Constitution and invoked emergency powers in order to crush a genuine grassroots popular uprising of truckers over his draconian vaccine mandates. In doing so, Trudeau both exposed and destroyed himself.

You Don’t Know Who Most of These People Are

Trump himself said in an interview with Laura Ingraham back in 2020 that the people responsible for the massive wave of organized chaos during the summer of that year were ‘very stupid rich people’ working ‘from the shadows’ who’s names ‘you’ve never heard of’.

Very likely 99% of the earth’s population could not pick Klaus Schwab out of a lineup, even though he’s been a public figure since the 1970’s. More people might recognize the name “World Economic Forum”, the organization Schwab founded in 1971.

But a whole lot of people would recognize the name of “George Soros, and they’d be able to pick his very well known face out of a lineup.

I have written about Soros before, most notably here in this column for Uncover DC two years ago entitled “President Trump Puts Some Very Stupid Rich People On Notice”.

Soros has deliberately cultivated fame and sought the limelight – aided in raising his visibility internationally by the complicit medias of over a dozen countries. It’s looking increasingly to me as if he’s been sent out by this cabal of nefarious billionaires to play the bright shiny object that everyone keeps their attentions fixed upon while other far more nefarious figures are left to go about their activities out of sight and in the shadows.

You would look at the threat very differently if you realized it wasn’t just one nefarious billionaire pulling strings behind over a dozen governments the world over, it’s several dozen working in concert, an actual syndicate that has been ‘hiding’ in plain sight.

Schwab and his fellow billionaire social engineers have written numerous books and held yearly conferences in which they give speeches where they’ve been far from shy about waxing rhapsodic on their plans for the entire world.

The fact these arrogant pricks have felt safe enough to lay out their nefarious plans in detail while Soros did his arm waving and jumping up and down act to hold everyone’s attention has been used against them. Their books were read, their speeches were studied, and it’s become apparent to me that someone recognized the danger and began acting to counter their plans. Donald Trump’s first term was the beginning of the end for them.

Trump may not be Batman, but it’s looking increasingly as if he’s actually James Bond instead…

Many people have come to believe that the COVID-19 virus leaving the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China to go on a worldwide rampage was not an accident.

Due to statements he’s made and evidence he now claims to possess following his invasion of Ukraine, one of these people is Russian President Vladmir Putin.

Because Putin believes the virus was designed and then deliberately released, he certainly would see the numerous biolabs right on his border as a legitimate threat.

That brings up the question of did Putin exhaust diplomacy before resorting to it by other means, to turn the phrase first coined by Von Clausewitz.

Yes he did.

Putin’s Years of Repeated Warnings About Nazi Militias and Bioweapons Development In Ukraine Fell On Deaf Ears

Putin gave stronger and stronger warnings since the 2014 coup that the Deep State cabal needed to stop both their biolab and their Nazi-militia-expanding activities they were engaging in inside Ukraine.

Just because the Western Fake News press never bothered to cover Putin’s numerous warnings over the past decade doesn’t mean they didn’t happen. As we all know, if the mainstream press decides not to put it’s big spotlight on something, it’s invisible to most people.

Just 4 months ago Russia, losing patience, angrily warned the UN that something needed to be done NOW about these biolabs. As usual the Western Press totally ignored it. Just more useless noise from Moscow.

Only when the Russian military began building up on the border were they forced to begin focusing on Ukraine, and even then they lied and covered up incessantly about why this military buildup was happening.

Putin gave them more than a MONTH as his army massed on the Russian side of the border to realistically respond to his warnings about the Nazis in Eastern Ukraine and what they were doing, and the biolabs.

NATO, the United Nations, the US State Department, the European Union…they all kept right on insisting he was making all this up.

Even after he signed the treaties with the 2 regions of Donbass, they continued playing dumb for the next several days, even though that treaty-signing was a clear tripwire that he was about to have the Russian military go in.

Spinning So Fast The Gears Are Locking Up

In my recent interview on the Sean Morgan program “Making Sense of the Madness”, I discussed how fast the goalposts have been shifting since the Russian military operation in Ukraine commenced just over three weeks ago.

At first we had our government and news media authorities pontificating to us that Putin and Russia were simply lying about ‘Nazis’ or ‘bioweapons labs’ in Ukraine.

Then as the evidence began to rise to the surface about the privately funded fascist militias the Kyiv government has been using in it’s war on the Eastern separatist regions of Donetsk and Luhansk and the numerous ‘biological threat reduction labs’ in the country, reluctant and artfully worded admissions were suddenly being made.

thoughtcrime on Twitter: "Donbass rebels kick #Ukraine's ...“Oh you meant **THOSE** Nazis in Ukraine… you know, the good ones!”

Such as when State Department bureaucrat Victoria Nuland went before the U.S. Congress and admitted under questioning by Senator Marco Rubio [R-FL] that there were biolabs in Ukraine after all – and so very worried she was that the Russians might get their filthy hands on some of the pathogens stored inside of them.

The cognitive dissonance of watching this rapid goalpost-shifting from 1) there are no biolabs there to 2) well OK there are some biolabs there but nothing serious and nothing to worry about to 3) OMG we’re in serious and major trouble if the Russians acquire what is in these ‘harmless’ labs led me to make the following humous meme:

No One Is Coming To Kyiv’s Rescue

We’ve been watching for three weeks as certain forces have frantically and desperately tried to rush the Western world into getting involved in a shooting war with Russia in order to save the corrupt puppet government in Kyiv. And yet the world is not answering the call.

NATO made it clear that it’s not about to get into a land war with Putin over Zelensky and his Nazi battalions. Weeks of talk about instituting a no-fly zone over Ukraine went nowhere. So did empty talk of providing fighter jets to Ukraine from Poland or other NATO members, a proposal that was always nonsensical to begin with.

Russia has complete air superiority. You’d have to send several hundred jet fighters to seize the Ukrainian airspace from Putin. A token force would accomplish nothing except the loss of good planes and pilots.

As I detailed in a recent post, there’s some evidence the Ukrainian forces are depleted to the point that senior officers are being forced to take to the battlefield – which is never a good sign for the side where that’s happening.

This latest commentary from the media outlet Vox is a perfect example of desperate wish-casting being presented as news analysis of a current event. Fake News is valiantly serving it’s cabal masters by presenting an alternate reality in which Ukraine is winning the fight, or at least valiantly holding it’s own against the far larger Russian forces.

But the reality is that Russia has complete control of the skies. The Ukrainian forces in the Eastern half of the country have been completely encircled by the Russian army and are being squeezed into submission.

The red lines are Russian forces, blue lines are entrapped Ukrainian forces

For weeks the Fake News screeched about the 40-mile-long ‘stalled’ convoy just outside Kyiv. The fantastic assertion was made that the convoy was sitting there exposed and out in the open for 3 weeks now because it had **run out of gas**.

What utter nonsense. The convoy was being utilized as a mobile staging point for military operations in the area and it’s sitting there placed it in no danger because the Ukrainian air forces were mostly dispensed with during the first days of the fighting. Any real threats to the convoy would come on the ground, and none have been really observed materializing yet.

All Your Hidden Ukraine Assets Are Belong To Me!

Because they’ve been using Ukraine as a massive money-laundering front for the Deep State for the past 2 decades, the bought-off politicians of over a dozen of the world’s governments are watching in horror as Putin closes in on all the evidence he needs to expose them.

I’ve been saying ever since NATO made it official they’re not going in to save Ukrainian President Volodmyr Zelensky or his government in Kyiv that the outcome of this military operation is not in doubt. Putin’s already won, it’s just a question of how long Zelensky can hide from reality and beg for help that isn’t coming.

Assuming the virus was designed, and assuming an evil Deep State did unleash it on the world, and assuming they were up to further bioweapons shenanigans in the biolabs they controlled in Ukraine, Putin makes for a most unlikely hero of the Bond movie we are watching. If he can indeed produce the evidence he claims he has, that the US military was funding bioweapons development in these labs, that will change the story the history books are going to tell about this conflict.

Far from being a nasty brutish exercise of raw power to take over a country, it will turn out that Vladmir Putin spent 8 years exhausting diplomacy first and trying to get the UN and EU and NATO to live up their stated ideals before he most reluctantly launched a defensive operation to remove a genuine threat.

We’ll have to see what happens.

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